Greens Designate Syracuse Candidates

Green Party of Onondaga County Media Release May 18, 2015The Green Party of Onondaga County designated three candidates at its Continue reading

Green Party Call for Vote on GMO Labeling

The Green Party today challenged Speaker Heastie to allow the state Assembly to vote on whether or not foods with Continue reading

Green Party presidential prospect assails 'bomb trains'

Times Union Capital Confidential Blog by Casey Seiler, Capitol bureau chief April 7, 2015Physician and 2012 Green Party Continue reading

Hawkins: Cuomo's 5th Straight Austerity Budget Escalates His War on Public Education

Howie Hawkins Media Releasewww.howiehawkins.orgFor Immediate Release:April 2, 2015For More Info:Howie Hawkins, 315 200-6046, 315 425-1019, [email protected] Hawkins, Continue reading

Greens join "We Are Seneca Lake, too" Rally

On January 31, Greens joined activists in the town of Geneva to protest the planned storage of liquified petroleum gas in Continue reading

On Grassroots Democracy

by E. J. Sieyes Le Tiers Etat, 1789, posed the question “What is a nation?” stating that its essence was a single, collective body of people, living under a single common law, and represented by one legislature. This writing advanced the thoughts of Voltaire and the principles of democratic government so recently obtained in North America. In the monarchical, feudal government that was France at that time, there was the nobility, a privileged class that set itself apart from the great mass of the citizenry. The nobility isolated themselves from the people by their wealth, manipulating the government to their own ends, enacting provisions for their own benefit, and exempting themselves from those laws regulating the lives of the citizen. The wealthy, privileged nobility we called the Second Estate, owned the government and corrupted its processes to amass even greater wealth at the expense of the citizenry. Continue reading

Sheldon Silver should resign

The Green Party of NY State (GPNYS) said today that the arrest of Sheldon Silver on corruption charges was just Continue reading

Green Party celebrates reported NY fracking ban; credits grassroots movement

For Immediate ReleaseDecember 17, 2014 GREEN PARTY CELEBRATES REPORTED FRACKING BANCREDITS GRASSROOTS MOVEMENTThe Green Party of New York (GPNY) and its Continue reading

2014 Election Results

Congratulations to our 2014 GPNYS candidates!Howie Hawkins, Governor and Brian Jones, Lt. Governor: 176,269, 4.74%Ramon Jimenez, Attorney General: 76,697, 2.06%Theresa Continue reading


A voter appeal for Howie Hawkins for Governor. As we enter the last few days of this election season, I believe that it is vitally important to remind everyone of the political dynamics behind the Howie Hawkins for Governor campaign. Now more than ever, we need people like Howie Hawkins to really represent the 99% of New York and make this a state that works for all of its residents. Our current political and economic situation is one where Wall Street, oil companies, and the big banks control not only our state legislature but the Governor’s office as well. Andrew Cuomo is just as much a servant to the 1% as any Republican found in the state, thus starkly demonstrating that there is no real substantial difference between the two major parties. In fact, our current Governor is most likely to allow the dangerous practice of fracking in New York after this election if he wins another term. Therefore, there needs to be an alternative to the status quo. An alternative that bans fracking, fully funds public education, and makes sure that New Yorkers are able to earn a living wage. We are at a tipping point, and that is why we need Howie Hawkins, the Green Party, and the Green New Deal platform now more than ever. Continue reading


Draft of a potential TEDx talk. In order to succeed, economic democracy has to be more than worker owned businesses. It must be comprehensive and include the four factors of labor, money, resources, and technology because those factors are vital for a functioning economy. And all of these factors must be considered in order to put forward an alternative. Economic democracy is the combination of these parts in a positive synergy. When these factors work together, solutions to immediate problems are met. A working model of a new type of economy is created. There is the tools necessary for the expression of the individual and collective desires of a society. Most importantly, economic democracy is the ability to practice real autonomy and self-determination to its fullest extent. The result is both inclusion and independence, which is the heart of democratic action. Continue reading

Rampant Political Corruption

by E. J. Sieyes Governor Cuomo and his administration present a marvelous media image about attacking political corruption in New York. Yet on probing more deeply we see little real impact and are compelled to raise the question as to whether this is a sincere effort or only a political maneuver to remove obstacles to the partisan apparatus of a Cuomo political machine. Continue reading

Kshama Sawant, Socialist City Council Member of Seattle, Speaks Out For Hawkins/Jones

At an event following Saturday's events at Left Forum 2014 in Manhattan, Kshama Sawant of Socialist Alternative, the Continue reading

Resolution on GPNYS Strategy In The Event That The Working Families Party Nominates Their Own Candidate For Governor

Approved by the Green Party of New York State Committee on May 17, 2014WHEREAS:1. The Green Party and the Working Continue reading

Thank You For an Outstanding 2014 Convention

On May 17, GPNYS convened to nominate our candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, Comptroller and Attorney General, in addition approving Continue reading

Ithaca College Greens on May Day

While May 1st is insignificant to many Americans, the approaching date reminded the Ithaca College Greens  that many key Continue reading

Video: Against the Pipeline

This video footage includes members of the Green Party of Brooklyn and other local groups as part of a nationwide network of protest vigils to send a clear and urgent message: Keystone XL is a climate disaster and President Obama must reject it. Continue reading

Seeking 2014 Green candidates!

There is no better way to be involved in the political process than to run for office. Participation in a democratic Continue reading

Da State Of Dis-Union

by E. J. Sieyes This week those in the movement fifty years ago have suffered a loss, a prophet of the 60’s, the closest person we had to a patron saint of the Hudson Valley, and a true spokes-person for the interests of all the people. It is so ironic that coincident with Seeger’s death we also saw a State Of The Union address by someone who many of us hoped and believed would be the one president most likely to turn Seeger’s vision into reality. Yet now we see a president who most Americans believe to be the worst since Herbert Hoover. When we see what this president has and has not done, is there any wonder approval ratings are abysmal. No matter what someone felt about Harry Truman, people all admired his principle that he alone was accountable. Instead, today, we have a president who, rather than unite the people, ran the most divisive political campaign since Lyndon. No “Buck Stops Here” plaque on his desk – instead we see “Blame Congress” and “He Did It Too” excuses. Continue reading

Divestment, Not Shareholder Resolutions

Divestment, Not Shareholder ResolutionsOp/Ed by Howie HawkinsWed, Jan 22, 2014 (originally appear in CNY Vision)Fossil fuel divestment by the NYS Continue reading

Hawkins seeking Green nomination to run against Governor 1%

Cuomo Talks Left but Walks Right by Howie Hawkins Howie Hawkins was the Green candidate for NY Governor in 2010. Continue reading

Invasive Species And Legislative Responsibility

by E. J. Sieyes Over the past fifty years a number of green organizations have become increasingly aware of and taken proactive measures to combat invasive foreign species. The progression of African bees and Fire Ants occasionally receives media attention. Bamboo is now widely visible along the commuter train right of way outside Washington, D.C., and this weed is beginning to invade old growth forests in central and western Maryland and Virginia. The Asian Clam began appearing in Florida waters over fifty years ago, and the proliferation of exotic tropical reptiles like the Burmese Python receives occasional press notice. Other invasive species can be found all over the nation. The US Department of Agriculture maintains an information resource describing invasive species and control measures of the states and federal government. Continue reading

Rally to Ban Fracking at Cuomo's State of the State!

Green Party goes to Albany! Join the Green Party and thousands of other activists in Albany to tell Governor Cuomo and Continue reading

People's State of the State

On Tuesday Jan. 7 is the 24th annual People's State of the State rally at 11:45 AM at the State Capitol (State St. entrance)Addressing income Continue reading

People's State of the State

On Tuesday Jan. 7 is the 24th annual People's State of the State rally at 11:45 AM at the State Capitol (State St. entrance)Addressing income Continue reading