2015 Con-fusion and Opportunity to Ballot Wall of Shame

Democrats and Republicans From Orange and Westchester Counties Have Submitted Petitions for the Green Party Line Without Authorization!


Orange County:

Kevindaryan Lujan, Democratic, Newburgh City Council

James Thorpe, Democratic, WFP, Newburgh City Council

Gay Lee*, Democratic, Independence, Newburgh City Council

Westchester County:

John Casario, Republican, Mt. Pleasant Council

Peter Peale, Democratic, Mt. Pleasant Council

John Finnegan, Republican, Mt. Pleasant Supervisor

Robert Wolff, Mt Pleasant Clerk, (Even though he is registered to vote in the Bronx)

*Gay Lee has informed us that she was advised to petition for the Green Party line but was not told she would need an authorization. We sympathize, but be careful who you get your advice from out there, candidates!

Opportunity to Ballot Bandits 

(List in Formation – Petitions Due 7/16)


Rob Polancarz, Republican, Erie County Executive

Special mention for the passive-aggressive, jerk-move of admonishing Greens to “Please Recycle” the propaganda you’ve issued to hijack their ballot line!