2021 Candidates

Edwin DeJesus
Green Party candidate for NYC Council in District 22!
Web: https://www.edwinfornyc.com/
Twitter: @edwinfornyc
IG: @eddieastoria
Donate: https://www.nycvotes.org/campaigns/edwindejesus/contributions/new
Election: November 2, 2021

Carol S. “Sandy” Przybylak, candidate for Trustee in the Village of Sloan (Erie County), 4 year term, on the Sloan Citizens Party slate
FB: www.facebook.com/sloancitizensparty 
Email: sloancitizensparty( at )gmail.com; csandyprzybylak( at )gmail.com
Election: March 16, 2021

Samuel Rose, candidate for Schenectady City School Board, a nonpartisan race, 3 year term, 2 open seats
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/votesamuelrose
Email: votesamuelrose( at )gmail.com
Election: May 18, 2021

Joseph Wetmore is running for re-election to the Lansing Town Board