Green Party Says NY Democrats Need to Act on Climate Before Adjourning

For Immediate Release May 31, 2023 Green Party Says NY Democrats Need to Act on Climate Before Adjourning The Green Party of New York is once again sounding the alarm that time is rapidly running out before global warming reaches the tipping point of no return. Party leaders call on the Governor and State Legislature to immediately enact a critical package of climate measures before adjourning on June 9th. The NY HEAT Act, Climate Superfund, and the 100% Renewable Capitol bill are among the measures supported by the Green Party. The Greens faulted the Democrats for failing to have raised at least $10 billion annually in the recent budget for climate measures but noted that the legislature still has the authority to enact climate revenue proposals before starting their six-month vacation. The state estimates that $3 trillion will need to be invested by 2050 to transition to 100% clean renewable energy. The Greens have also long supported recapturing the $15 billion annually (some years) from the existing state stock transfer tax, with at least some of the funds dedicated to a Green New Deal. The Green Party said that the handful of climate measures enacted in the recent budget is far short of the climate action needed to be taken. Scientists recently warned that they expect global warming to surpass the 1.5 degrees C target within the next five years – if not sooner. The United Nations has repeatedly issued a Code Red warning on climate change and said that governments are acting nowhere fast enough to avoid climate collapse. Continue reading

Green Party Slams Hochul’s Effort to Gut the state’s Climate Agenda

Green Party of New Media Release For Immediate Release: April 3, 2023For More info: Gloria Mattera, [email protected], 917-886-4538Peter LaVenia, [email protected], 518-495-8001Mark Dunlea, [email protected], 518 860-3725 Green Party Slams Hochul’s Effort to Gut the state’s Climate Agenda The Green Party of New York slammed Governor Hochul and Senator Parker for seeking to change the accounting rules on greenhouse emissions in order to appease the fossil fuel industry. “The Green Party in 2010 called for a Green New Deal, combining a ten-year timeline to transition to 100% clean renewable energy and zero emissions with comprehensive economic rights including a guaranteed living wage job, single payer universal health care, and affordable housing. 14 years later, the state gets only 5% of its electricity from wind and solar, and greenhouse gas emissions globally continue to rise. The Democrats remain unwilling to put the needs of the people ahead of the profits and campaign contributions of the fossil fuel industry,” said Gloria Mattera, co-chair of the state Green Party. Continue reading

GPNY and Libertarians Appeal to Supreme Court

Libertarian Party and Green Party File Petition to Appeal to U.S. Supreme Court in Ballot Access Case 3/13/23 -- The Libertarian Party of New York and the Green Party of New York have filed a petition for an appeal in their ballot access lawsuit to the Supreme Court of the United States.  The petition challenges the increase of New York State’s ballot access thresholds instituted in 2020 as part of then Governor Andrew Cuomo’s emergency COVID budget. The threshold for a party to maintain recognized party status and ballot access was increased from 50,000 votes to 130,000 votes or 2% of the vote in the previous gubernatorial or presidential election, whichever is higher. In addition, the signature threshold for getting an independent candidate on the ballot was increased from 15,000 signatures to 45,000 signatures. In 2020, four parties lost ballot access: the Libertarian Party, whose candidate Jo Jorgensen received over 60,000 votes; the Green Party, whose candidate Howie Hawkins received over 32,000 votes; the Independence Party, whose candidate Brock Pierce received over 22,000 votes; and the SAM Party, which did not run a candidate for President. In this election, only the Libertarian Party received over 50,000 votes, which was enough to maintain ballot access under the old thresholds. Continue reading

Green Party Releases Statement on Gun Control

---- For Immediate Release Peter LaVenia | [email protected] |518-495-8001 Gloria Mattera | [email protected] | 917-886-4538 2/22/23 - 2023 has started off with a bang - literally - with 39 mass shootings in the first 3 weeks of the new year. “On the eve of the 5th year anniversary of the Marjory Stoneman High School mass shooting, Michigan State University campus became the next scene of carnage,” said Gloria Mattera, GPNY co-chair. “While elected officials from the Democratic and Republican parties pat themselves on the back for passing the feeble Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, the killing continues,” added Peter LaVenia, GPNY co-chair. Continue reading

Green Party Says NYS Draft Climate Plan Locks Planet in Planet Collapse

For Immediate Release December 7, 2022 Green Party says NYS draft Climate Plan locks the planet into climate collapse “We’re out of time” say the Greens The Green Party today urged the NYS legislature to return to Albany in January ready to enact a far more ambitious climate plan than is being prepared by the Hochul-dominated Climate Action Council, staffed by many holdovers from the Cuomo administration. The Greens said that the draft plan, which the Governor has refused to share with the public, has far too many examples of corporate greenwashing. A draft plan was reviewed by the Council members at the State Capitol complex on Monday, with the vote to adopt it set for Dec. 19. “The plan being proposed by the Climate Action Council does an adequate job of laying out many of the challenges facing NY in enacting a rapid transition to 100% clean renewable energy. We might have applauded much of it – 15 years ago. It is up to the legislature to now make the critical policy decisions and investments. The UN keeps shouting that we can no longer afford incremental changes. They must put the needs of future generations ahead of the donations of the 1%,” remarked Gloria Mattera, State Party co-chair. The Party says that the state must commit to raising at least $15 billion a year to immediately begin financing the transition to clean renewable energy, such as subsidizing the costs to enable residents to decarbonize their buildings. The Greens expressed alarm over the plan's support for a so-called “Cap and Invest” which seems very similar to the cap-and-trade program opposed by environmental justice groups and Pope Francis.   Continue reading

Green Party Renews calls for Green New Deal in State Budget

Opposes Halt to Gas Tax or Criminal Justice Reform, Opposes Public Funds for Buffalo Sports Stadium The Green Party today said that the accelerating climate crisis calls for the state to enact the Green New Deal as part of this year’s state budget, with at least $30 billion devoted to the state building out renewables and enactment of an economic bill of rights including universal single payer health care, a guaranteed living wage job and income, universal child care, affordable housing and tuition-free public education from pre-K through college. Continue reading

Green Party Seeks Candidates for State and Federal Offices

2/4/22 - The Green Party of New York announced today that they plan to run candidates for state and federal offices in 2022, starting with Governor. The party is looking for candidates who embrace the Green Party agenda including strong climate action, ending mass incarceration, economic democracy, single-payer health care, and social justice. “Even though Governor Cuomo and the Democrats rammed through legislation under the cover of COVID to strip the election rights of alternative parties like the Greens, we are not just going to roll over and die. America is in a dark moment, where basic democratic, economic and civil rights are under increasing assault. We all need to stand up and demand another world that puts the common good ahead of the greed of the 1%,” Continue reading

Green Party Says Gov Hochul's Proposed Budget Falls Short

1/18/22 - Green Party leaders today said that Gov. Hochul’s proposed $216.3 billion FY 2022-23 executive budget falls far short of what is needed. The Greens stated that Hochul continued the failed budget priorities of ex-Gov. Cuomo, and that her proposed budget would enrich the 1% and campaign donors rather than working class New Yorkers.  Continue reading

Green Party Says “State of the State” Dire on Climate, Grassroots Democracy, Social and Economic Justice in New York

Green Party Says “State of the State”  Dire on Climate, Grassroots Democracy, Social and Economic Justice in New York Continue reading

Green Party Says Democrats’ Efforts to Expand Voting Reform Needs to Include Third Parties

12/2/21 - Green Party leaders today called on the Legislature and Gov. Hochul to enact a “Gold Standard” ballot access bill that would expand voter choice in New York State. Continue reading