Why Register Green

1. Registering to vote as a Green is a way of bringing about the kind of world you want. Party affiliation is like a vote, only more powerful and cumulative, as it doesn't begin and end with an election. 

2. Registering Green makes a clear political statement. The more people who register Green, the stronger the Green Party will be, and the more all parties will take green issues and green voters seriously.

3. Registering Green does not limit your voting options in the general election. Since you can vote for any candidate, choosing a party is really about what you believe in--and making it happen.

4. The Green Party does not accept donations from corporations. Individual citizen support and grassroots democracy are the foundation of the Green Party. Big-money interests cannot buy their way into the party.

5. The Green Party represents most Americans' views on issues like health care, a healthy environment, campaign finance reform, corporate power, genetically modified foods, and others. Read the Green Party Platform.