Officers and Committees

GPNY is governed by a State Committee made of members elected by affiliated county organizations. The State Committee typically meets three times a year (January, May and September) in the Capital Region. The officers and Executive Committee coordinate day-to-day operations in between SC meetings. The Executive Committee holds twice monthly conference calls.

On this page you’ll also find information about the GPNY representatives to the national Green Party, and the standing committees and rules of the state party.

2020-2022 Officers

Gloria Mattera

Gloria Mattera, Co-Chair
Email: chair( at ) Cell: 917-886-4538


Peter LaVenia, Co-chair
Email: chair2( at ) Cell: 518-495-8001


Michael O'Neil, Secretary
Email: secretary( at )


Adrienne Craig-Williams, Treasurer
Email: treasurer( at ) 

2020-2022 Executive Committee At-Large Reps

Mary Cregan
mairead85( at )

Chris Edes
chrisedes( at )

Eric Jones
jazzyjones( at )

Cassandra Lems
c_lems( at )

Sandy Przybylak
sandyprzybylak( at )

2020-2022 State Committee Members

Bronx GP Irene Diaz-Reyes ishtar52( at )
Bronx GP Paul Gilman paulwgilman( at )
Bronx GP Aderia L. Jones aderia.jones( at )
Bronx GP Ashley Rivera Ariver30( at )
Bronx GP Debra Rosario debra.rosario1966( at )
GP of Brooklyn Omowale Adewale omowale.adewale( at )
GP of Brooklyn Steve Bloom 1stvblm( at )
GP of Brooklyn Candace Carponter cccoffices( at )
GP of Brooklyn Paul Corell paulmcorell( at )
GP of Brooklyn Michele Daniels myshella( at )
GP of Brooklyn Michael D. Emperor brooklynemperor( at )
GP of Brooklyn Carmen Hulbert carmenhulbert( at )
GP of Brooklyn James C. Lane VoteJamesLane( at )
GP of Brooklyn Daniella Liebling daniliebling( at )
GP of Brooklyn Gloria Mattera gmattera( at )
GP of Brooklyn Mike McCabe mikemccabe2010( at )
GP of Brooklyn Craig A. Seeman cseeman( at )
GP of Brooklyn Anya Szykitka anyakarina( at )
GP of Brooklyn Rebecca  White darbykat( at )
GP of Erie County Anthony Baney zaneybaney420( at )
GP of Erie County Kathleen Chandler buffaloforum( at )
GP of Erie County Robin Connell Robinlconnell( at )
GP of Erie County Eric Jones jazzyjones( at )
GP of Erie County Tim Hartigan tjh5consulting( at )
GP of Erie County Carol Sandy Przybylak sandyprzybylak( at )
GP of Monroe County Bonnie Cannan bonniecannan( at )
GP of Monroe County Chris Edes chrisedes( at )
GP of Monroe County Deborah Magone-Fragale dmagone( at )
GP of Monroe County David Sutliff-Atias datias34( at )
GP of Nassau County Gail B. Brown gailnknits2000( at )
GP of Nassau County James R. Brown III jrb398( at )
GP of Nassau County Rochelle "Chelly" Dorfman chellyooo( at )
GP of Nassau County Allan Hunter ahunter3( at )
GP of Nassau County Cassandra Lems c_lems( at )
GP of Nassau County Joseph Naham joey.naham( at )
GP of Nassau County Christine S. Schmidt Twanya1( at )
GP of New York County Christopher Archer archerchristopher( at )
GP of New York County John Baldwin johndavidbaldwin( at )
GP of New York County Warren Berger bergerwarren( at )
GP of New York County Claudia Flanagan claudiaflanagan( at )
GP of New York County Gil Obler gilobler( at )
GP of New York County Sue Peters peters.s( at )
GP of New York County Mary Jo Robertiello maryjoe525( at )
GP of New York County Tom Siracuse tomsiracuse( at)
GP of New York County Margaret K. Walton margaretkimberley( at )
GP of New York County Julia Willebrand julia.willebrand( at )
GP of Onondaga County Mary Cregan mairead85( at )
GP of Onondaga County Howie Hawkins howie.hawkins( at )
GP of Onondaga County Jacqueline M. Myers jacqulinemyers( at )
GP of Onondaga County Michael E. O'Neil michael( at )
GP of Onondaga County Serena "Rahzie" Seals serena.seals( at )
Hudson Valley GP Robert Walters radicalfanaticalgreens( at )
Steuben County GP Darin Robbins dcr420dcr( at )
Tompkins County GP Catherine Norton at )
Tompkins County GP Jessica Shipley jessica.hellooldfriend( at )
Tompkins County GP Simon St. Laurent simonstl( at )
Tompkins County GP Joseph Wetmore autumnleavesusedbooks( at )
Upper Hudson GP Deyva Arthur darthur( at ) 
Upper Hudson GP CJ Chapman casey.jean.chapman( at )
Upper Hudson GP Peter Lavenia lebowski42( at )
Upper Hudson GP Tatianna Moragne tatiannamoragne( at )

NY Representatives to Green Party US National Committee (2020-2022)

C.J. Chapman - casey.jean.chapman( at )

Adrienne Craig-Williams - adrienne( at )

Barbara Kidney - bask999( at )

Dani Liebling - daniliebling( at )

Gloria Mattera - gmattera( at )

Joseph Naham - joey.naham( at )

Michael O'Neil - michael( at )

Sandy Przybylak - sandyprzybylak( at )

Craig Seeman - cseeman( at )

Alternate: Gil Obler- gilobler( at )

GPNY Standing Committees (2020-2022)

Campaign Committee
Data Management Committee
Fundraising Committee
Legislative Issues Committee
Platform Committee
Rules & Policies Committee
Web Committee

Find out more about the GPNY Rules