The Real Difference



Support full access to abortion, with funding, for all people in the U.S. and around the world.

Republicans: Oppose abortion
Democrats: Support abortion rights. Sometimes.

Bail out the people

Republicans: No Bailouts
Democrats: Bail out the banks

Jail for Banksters

Republicans: Reject
Democrats: Will Not Act

Refuse to accept corporate contributions. Demand an end to special rights for corporations & an end to big money elections.

Republicans & Democrats: Accepts donations from corporations, including defense contractors, oil companies, insurance and drug firms, etc. Republican officials indicted or under investigation of bribery, perjury, etc.

Oppose Corporations as Persons

Republicans: Support
Democrats: Support

Refuse Corporate Campaign Contributions

Republicans: Support with open hands
Democrats: Support with open hands

Support labeling of genetically modified organisms

Republicans: Oppose
Democrats: Thinking, Thinking ...

Oppose the death penalty citing racial bias, failure to deter crime, widespread errors, and humanitarian objections.

Republicans: Overwhelmingly support it
Democrats: Lukewarm support for it

Support electoral reform including Instant Runoff Voting and public financing of elections. Open debates.

Republicans & Democrats: Works for us, why change anything?

Oppose Keystone XL Pipeline

Republicans: Support
Democrats: Lukewarm opposition

Reduce emissions NOW

Convert to renewable energy sources such as low-cost wind and solar power.

Republicans: Bush withdrew the U.S. from the Kyoto Treaty to reduce greenhouse gases and fossil fuel use (oil, coal). Wants to lower emissions standards to try to reduce gas prices.

Democrats: Willing to weaken emissions standards to lower gas prices. Promotes subsidies to corporate agriculture as a way to reduce petroleum consumption.

Oppose Drone Warfare & Assassinations

Republicans: Support
Democrats: Support

Oppose Israeli takeover of Palestine

Republicans: Support
Democrats: Support

Reduce the military budget

Republicans: Increase the budget
Democrats: Increase the budget

Fully support the Social Security system

Republicans: Cut it to the bone
Democrats: Will accept cuts


Support a Jubilee for Student Debt

Republicans: Oppose
Democrats: Oppose


Support a living wage and the right to organize

Republicans: Oppose
Democrats: Weak support

Demand real universal health care: Single-payer national health insurance, with guaranteed treatment and medicine regardless of age, ability to pay, employment, prior medical condition, including choice of doctors and hospitals.

Republicans: Oppose guaranteed universal health care; Support health policy based on corporate profits for insurance, HMO, and drug companies instead of human need.

Democrats: Support health policy based on corporate profits; Deleted plans for universal health care from the Democratic platform.