GPNY Data Management Committee

The GPNY Data Management Committee will manage the data on GPNY members and Green allies that the state party maintains in its Nationbuilder database, with the goal of helping us to reach as many enrolled Greens as possible across the state. This includes working to regularly (e.g, once a year) integrate New York State Board of Elections data into Nationbuilder to include newly enrolled Greens, to add email addresses and phone numbers when available, and to remove or otherwise flag inactive or purged Greens. Affiliated county organizations can assist the committee's efforts by providing notes gathered during the petitioning period for state committee in even-numbered years so that Nationbuilder can be updated accordingly. If feasible, the Committee can also undertake to produce a spreadsheet containing fields needed to assist affiliated county organizations with petitioning for the state committee. The committee will help to generate such other reports for the EC (e.g., donor and volunteer lists for candidates) as from time to time may be needed. The committee will also work to ensure that appropriate data security and back-up systems are in place.


Allan Hunter