Monroe County Executive Debate Featuring Green Party Candidate Rajesh Barnabas At The News 8 WROC-TV Studio (Video)

Published on October 21, 2015

Three Monroe County Executive candidates squared off Wednesday at the News 8 studio. The debate took on issues from impoverished children, taxes, to the carousel at Ontario Beach Park. 

The topic of taxes elicited a heated exchange between Frankel and Dinolfo.
"In her first year as Brighton supervisor she raised property taxes almost 20 percent and continued to do so over almost 11 additional years," Dinolfo said.
"Cheryl, it would be helpful if you put information in context, rather than frightening people," Frankel retorted. "In Brighton, we solved a real fiscal crisis and, as a result, we did tighten our belts ... The property tax in Brighton only increased 1.1 percent, which was half the rate of inflation at the time."
Both candidates promised to hold the line on property taxes, while Barnabas said he would abolish property taxes altogether. 
"I’ll get permission from the state for a local income tax," Barnabas said.
Asked if she believes in climate change, Dinolfo did not say, but did promise to promote renewable energy through county purchases.
When talking about Local Development Corporations, or LDCs, Dinolfo maintained her opposition to them, a stance that runs counter to that of fellow Republican and current county executive Maggie Brooks.
She also accused of Frankel of flip-flopping Wednesday night when Frankel said she too about abolish LDCs.
Dinolfo said Frankel has supported them in the past.
On the topic of LDCs, Barnabas said, "We have a lot of work to do in uprooting the corporate stranglehold that corporations have on politics."
Election Day is Tuesday, November 3, 2015.
To find your polling place, please visit League of Women Voters' Vote 411 website, click here.
View video of the debate at HERE