Election Day! Support Our 2015 Candidates

Last night, Green Party candidates and their volunteers across the state were calling supporters one more time to remind them to vote today and ensure they are able to get to their polling places. For these campaign teams, today will represent the culmination of months of knocking on doors, making phone calls, coordinating and delivering literature, crafting talking points, sweating over budgets and fundraising, wrestling with databases, haranguing the media, and much, much more. All for this morning, when the polls open at dawn.

We are grateful to all of you who have generously supported our candidates with your time or donations. They couldn't do this without you. Now we ask that you please vote today for the Greens running in your district. Check our current candidates page for Greens running near you.

Use the official New York State Voter Lookup app to double-check your voter registration, and get a link where you can find your current polling place.

It's a big day! Many Greens will be out for a long day of poll watching. Follow our Facebook page for updates as we get them and wish our candidates well!

(Photo Credit: Rikki's Refuge)