Public Campaign Finance: Full or Partial?

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Ursula Rozum: Gun control hijacked by gun makers

Ursula serves on the GPNYS executive committee. She is a community columnist with The article, along with video of Continue reading

Green Party: State Politicians Embrace Show Me the Money Mentality

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Marijuana: Legalize, Not Trivialize it, Cuomo Needs to Stop Blowing Smoke

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Send Us Your Feb 17 #ForwardOnClimate Photos!

On Sunday, February 17, Greens from New York State and around the country rallied for climate justice, a Green New Continue reading


There are basic premises that direct democracy is built upon in order to be the most effective way to organize society and collective action. In the multiple debates and discussions about democracy, specifically direct democracy, there has been attempts to define it. Or at the very least, to distill what is its most basic principles and the traits that exist in all forms of democracy. The major obstacle to this analysis, and the discovery of the axioms of democracy, is that the American tradition has been more about representative democracy than direct democracy. The emphasis on representative democracy is based on the inherent belief at the time that direct control by the people was dangerous and that direct democracy was nothing more than mob rule. This was used as an excuse for the landed and propertied class of the American colonies to recuperate the freedom gained by the American Revolution and redefine it through the lens of limited government and natural rights. The theory of natural rights proposes that there are certain rights that are outside of the decisions of any government, or any changes that could be made by a democratic body. Thus, they are inalienable rights. However, it can be argued that the purpose of natural rights do not necessarily need the institution of a representative government that in the end perpetuates the power of the status quo and the elite that profit from it. On the contrary, representation can be an abstraction and alienation of the popular will, and is an almost impossible way to reflect what free people truly want in a collective sense. The result is that representative democracy reproduces the state and limits the possibility of democracy. In other words, there are axioms of democracy that exist outside of the decision making process of the particular democracy in question. These axioms, as first rules that are self evident and do not need to be explained, insures that the fear of mob rule does not actually happen in direct democracy. They are the foundation for how democracy has worked throughout history as the best way for a group of people to self-organize themselves. Enumerating these axioms will help to insure that the direct democratic tradition is able to refute the charges of mob rule that is so easily used against it in order to defend an existing hierarchy and power structure. The axioms of democracy are the founding rules that allow democracy to happen. Continue reading

Message From Jill Stein Remembering the True Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This speech was delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on April 4, 1967, at a meeting of Clergy and Laity Concerned at Riverside Church in New York City. The speech was delivered one year to the day before his assassination, and it signaled a change in approach toward what King only weeks earlier had called the "triple evils of racism, extreme materialism and militarism."We have reposted this text from the archives of the Black Radical Congress, and encourage you to forward it repost it yourself. Continue reading

Green Party of New York State Comments on the DEC Hydrofracking

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Anti-Fracking Movement Descends on Albany

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Are You Going to Albany to Oppose Fracking? Send GPNYS Your Pics!

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The Lack of Progress on Gun Control

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Green Party Says Environmental Concerns Must be Priority in Sandy Cleanup and Rebuilding Effort

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2012 Candidate Reflections: Colin "No Impact Man" Beavan in Brooklyn's 8th Congressional District

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Even A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day

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GP Election Updates: Stein/Honkala Votes, Statements from LaVenia and Rozum

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Vote Green Today - For a Different World

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Countdown To Election Day

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Colin Beavan Profiled in Treehugger and Yes!

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Tour Media! Stein/Honkala Hit NY State

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Green Party Denounces Hassig's Comments, Says They Don't Represent Green Values

--- For Immediate ReleaseContact:Michael O'Neil, 917-825-3562, [email protected] Mattera, 917-886-4538, [email protected](Brooklyn) - The Green Party of NY State denounced Donald Hassig, Continue reading

VIDEO: Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala Arrested Outside of Hofstra Presidential Debates

Watch this embedded playlist, featuring a series of clips of the Stein/Honkala arrest and their requests to peacefully enter the Continue reading

Jill Stein Touring NY State!

Check out for more information!Syracuse Meet and Greet with Jill SteinSaturday, October 13 12pmAt ArtRage Gallery in Syracuse, Continue reading


There is not only the need for an alternative to the Federal Reserve, there is the strong potential for an alternative. The year 2013 will mark the one hundred year anniversary of the formation of the Federal Reserve. For about the same amount of time, this institution has garnered controversy from how it was planned out to how it operates on a daily basis. The major characteristics of the Federal Reserve is that it is a private banking system, it releases the national currency into circulation through loans, and it lends money directly to the government through bonds. Its internal method of banking is fractional reserve banking, where a percentage of reserves held by each bank in the Fed hierarchy is the amount that is generated out of thin air for loans to the lower banks or to individuals at the bottom, and when those loans are paid back to the private banks it increases the reserve and therefore the amount of fiat currency that can be generated. Fiat currency by definition is not taken from the physical supply of the reserve that is held but is loaned out separately, in this day and age electronically as a transfer of numbers from one account to another. The percentage of the reserve determines the amount but not its source. All four aspects of the Federal Reserve such as its private status, its fractional reserve banking, its putting money into circulation through loans, and its lending to the government are all subject to criticism. The least controversial aspect of the Federal Reserve is its ability to set interest rates, which is a minor component compared to its major actions and duties. All that can be criticized can be replaced with other methods in order to have a far more just and stable banking system, one that is responsible to all citizens rather than a banking elite in partnership with a political elite. Continue reading

Videos From Climate Change Day of Action

The Green Party called for a National Climate Change Day Continue reading