Countdown To Election Day

Hurricane Sandy

The Green Party expresses our sympathy for all those harmed by the recent hurricane and look forward to a quick restoration of power, food and mass transit in the impacted areas. We are concerned that the needs of those without power and access to food be addressed as quickly as possible, especially in low income neighborhoods and among low-income workers

The Green Party will remain active to ensure that all rebuilding efforts reflect the realities of the growing problem of climate change, including the increased frequency of severe storms, rising sea levels and flooding. It is particularly important to ensure that rebuilding does not take place in areas prone to flooding. After the hurricanes last year Governor Cuomo suspended environmental regulations which made the problem much worse.

Vote for a Green Future on Nov. 6 - Vote Green Party on Row F

Next Tuesday, November 6 is election day. Hopefully downstate will have recovered enough from Hurricane Sandy so everyone can vote.

The Green Party needs your help. We need your vote on Row F for the Green Party. We are running nearly two dozen candidates. You can also find more information here, including an interview with State Senate candidate Julia Willebrand. See US Senate candidate Colia Clarke testify about Indian Point at a NRC hearing.

The more votes we have, the stronger our voice will be heard on issues such as ban fracking of natural gas, dealing with climate change, creating green living wage jobs, and enacting single payer health care. If we get 5% of the vote nationwide, we qualify for federal funds both for this and the next national election.

Please urge your friends, relatives and neighbors to vote Green Party by talking to them, sending them an email, and using social media. Tell them about the Green agenda - and urge them to vote for what they believe in rather than their fears. And since we vote for an electoral college rather than directly for the President, in NYS they are free for vote for the best candidate without worrying about who carries the state.

If you haven't already LIKED the Green Party (state and US) on Facebook, this is a great and easy way to receive and pass on messages about our candidates.

You can also send them to articles such as Chris Hedges - Why I Am Voting Green

Jill Stein Gets Arrested for Standing up for Climate Change

Jill Stein is the one national Presidential candidate who has spoken out about the need to take action on climate change. More than 2500 climate change activists have endorsed her candidacy. She was arrested this week for helping to provide supplies to the occupiers trying to stop the Keystone XL pipeline in Texas. While environmental groups claim that Obama and Romney have been "silent" on climate change, in reality both have spoken out in favor of more coal, oil and natural gas.

Jill is seeking funds to help pay to run a new TV ad on climate change and volunteers to organize visibility actions.

You can also watch Jill speak at a Green event in Albany in favor of expanded and improved Medicare for All. The talk was part of a tour that Jill and Cheri Honkala, her VP running mate, did across NYS just prior to the Presidential debate at Hofstra. They were arrested and chained for 8 hours when they tried to attend the debate.

In Syracuse , Green Party Congressional Candidate Ursula Rozum Distributes Republican Donations to Progressive Community Groups

Public opinion polls have show Green congressional candidates such as Hank Bardel in Staten Island polling more than 6% of the vote in several races in NY.

One of the most hotly contested Congressional races in the country is in Central NY, with the two corporate candidates tied and Ursula Rozum, a local peace and justice organizer on the Green line, pulling 6% or more. Ursula, described by the Democrats as one of the most dangerous women in upstate NY, has gotten widespread media attention, done very well in a series of televised debates, and recently received several donations from the 1% who have also heavily donated to Republicans. Ursula decided to redistribute nearly $5,000 of those donations to worthwhile community groups that don't usually get much support from Republican politicians or donors - groups that support free elections and a women's right to choose.

Colin Beavan Gets A Little Help from his Friends Bill McKibben, Julia Butterfly and Daryl Hannah

Colin Beavan , the Green's candidate for Congress in the 8th Congressional district in Brooklyn, is best known for his experience / DVD as No Impact Man. Several well-known environmental activists have said that they support Colin's agenda. Bill McKibben said "I certainly support Colin Beavan's call for a moratorium on fracking, an end to mountaintop removal and an immediate and urgent transition to renewable energy." Julia Butterfly Hill added "we must make a rapid transfer to renewable energy in order to insure we leave a viable and healthy planet for future generations."

Colin also got some good media coverage in YES magazine and Tree Hugger. Colin did some mock debates with his opponents on the federal budget and youth during August's Atlantic Antic, which attracts up to a million people. The Green Party also staged a Climate Jeopardy contest with the Presidential candidates.