GP Election Updates: Stein/Honkala Votes, Statements from LaVenia and Rozum

396,684 Votes for Dr. Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala, who made great strides in ballot access and public matching funds for the Green Party, while breaking into national and progressive media.

Election Night Statement From Ursula Rozum (NY 24th Congressional District):

Thank you to everyone who supported my campaign – those who volunteered, donated, stood by my side and spoke up for the progressive policies we need to address the serious crises facing us – the jobs crisis, the climate crisis and the democracy crisis. I want to thank the people of the 24th District who voted for me and Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala on our presidential ticket, for Colia Clark for US Senator, and Michael Donnelly for State Senator. Thank you for standing with me in opposition to the two-party political establishment and for speaking up for the  progressive Green alternative.

The results of this election present us with a situation, not a solution. (Read more...)

Election Night Statement From Peter LaVenia:

Peter LaVenia, Green candidate for State Senate Dist. 44 (Albany, Rens.), said the 9.5% of the vote he received today against incumbent Neil Breslin was a sign that a left-alternative to the Democrats was not only viable in the Capital District, but sorely needed. LaVenia pointed out he received that 9.5% of the vote despite Breslin's decision not to debate him, and having been outfundraised 300-1.

"The results tonight - 9.5% on a small budget against a 16-year incumbent - show that my positions, and the Green Party's, are majoritarian. (Read more...)