Green Party Condemns Schumer’s Vote for Torture-Supporter Pompeo

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Albany – The Green Party of New York denounced Senator Schumer’s Monday evening vote in favor of Mike Pompeo as CIA Director. Citing Pompeo’s own statements that CIA officials who engaged in torture were “patriots” and that he would be open to altering a 2015 law prohibiting the government from using interrogation techniques not listed in the Army Field Manual, his portrayal of the “War on Terror” as a religious conflict between Muslims and Christians, claims that Islamic leaders are potentially complicit in terror because they don’t speak against it, and appearances on anti-Muslim radio programs - Green officers questioned why New York’s senior senator would vote to confirm Mr. Pompeo. Continue reading

UHGP Supports Momentive Strikers

Albany, NY - The Upper Hudson Green Party Statement of Support for Workers on Strike at Momentive Performance Materials Continue reading

GPNY Stands Up For Health Care!

GPNY showed up outside Trump Towers on Friday, January 13th to demand Health Care Justice. Continue reading

CaringCents Hype Video

Join Onondaga Greens For A Health Care Presentation

You are invited to join us on Sunday, January 8th for a Presentation and Political Update On Health Care Politics In The Age Of Trump. The presentation is being put on by The Green Party of Onondaga County. The presentation will be followed by our Monthly Green Party Onondaga County Coordinating meeting. Sunday, January 8, 2017 Program: 6:30-7pm, Coordinating Meeting: 7pm-8:30pm 2013 E. Genesee St. Syracuse, New York 13210 Presentation and Political Update On Health Care Politics In The Age Of Trumpand Green Party County Organizing Meeting This presentation is very important because Trump has said Health care will be one of the first things that he will be taking on once he is in office. So if you want to learn how to organize against the attacks on public healthcare and organize FOR a healthcare system that guarantees healthcare for all, please join us! We also hope you will join us for our Monthly County Coordinating Meeting. Learn about what the Green Party in Onondaga County is working on this year. From 2017 candidates to our sidewalk initiative. We also would love to hear from you! So please come and voice your concerns, opinions, or ideas. If you would like to attend please RSVP at our GPNY events page. If you have any questions you can contact Mary House through email; [email protected] or on her cell; 315-243-7748.

Green Party Calls Cuomo's Tuition Plan Wholly Inadequate

Albany, NY – The Green Party of New York called the Cuomo tuition-plan unveiled today wholly inadequate and said the reports of it making college free or affordable-for-all were false. The Greens pointed out that Cuomo's plan does not cover the $14,000 in yearly room, board and fees and would still leave students with $55,000 worth of debt from SUNY/CUNY 4-year schools. Party officers also said that it does nothing to address three decades worth of funding cuts at state schools. The Green Party called on Governor Cuomo and the Legislature to fully fund state schools and make college completely free, including tuition, room, board and fees so that students leave with no debt, as they do in most other nations, and to return to a program of open admissions so that college is truly open to all. Continue reading

Free Book on Green Politics for Your New Year's Resolution

Help us make local the focal in 2017 and build the movement by electing Greens to office.  Supporting Members are needed to do this.  Take advantage of your New Year's resolution to read more & our offer of a free copy of "Independent politics: The Green Party Strategy Debate" Edited by Howie Hawkins* for becoming a Supporting Member. Registered Greens sign up to pledge as Supporting Members at If you're not a registered Green you can still make a monthly recurring donation and get a copy of the book by visiting Dignity,Frank Cetera, Treasurer, State Committee RepresentativeSyracuseGreens* (published in 2006 by Haymarket Books, Chicago,Illinois)Get involved at our next organizing meeting on Sunday January 8th at 7 pm, 2013 East Genesee St, Top Floor.

Green Party of New York Supports Stein Campaign Recount

Contact: Gloria Mattera, Green Party of NY Co-Chair, (917) 886-4538, [email protected] Peter Lavenia, Green Party of NY Co-Chair, (518) 495-8001, [email protected] New York - The Green Party of New York declared its support of the recount effort launched by 2016 Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein. Party officers added the recount effort was focused on election integrity and making sure all votes are counted, a fundamental principle of grassroots democracy and the Green Party. Continue reading

Howie Hawkins And Dan Plaat Talk About The National Green Party Convention (Audio)

By Cynthia Pooler Published on August 12, 2016 on Continue reading

Funiciello Slams Major Parties At Green Convention (Video)

By Justin Trombly Published on August 6, 2016 Continue reading

Field Report from 2016 Campaign Organizing Meeting

Monday August 29 - We had a great turnout of about 15 people, and thank you to everyone who came. For those of you who could not make it, here is a quick summary of the meeting.  Howie Hawkins gave a great talk on his experience at the DNC, and GNC (Green National Convention), and what the future looks like for the Stein campaign. It seems that she drew a lot of support from Berners who were thrown under the bus by Bernie, and the Democratic Party. After Bernie backed Hillary and her nomination, Jill Stein saw one million dollars flow into her campaign overnight from donors.  Stein's speeches were great, and well attended.  Howie says that he thinks she is getting better at unscheduled talks or "stump" speeches. He said the GNC was fantastic with great media coverage, and the feeling at the whole convention was positive, and vibrant. We went over volunteering opportunities for the month of September, and some fun events coming up. For the month of September, we will be holding phone bank parties on Tuesday and Thursday at the Green Party Office on E. Genesee St, or someone’s house in the city. You can also phone bank from home on a day that works for you, and if you are interested in that please contact me. We will also be doing standouts every Friday. After Standouts we will then head to a local coffee shop, or bar to catch up with each other. To see how everyone has been doing with outreach, and their feeling so far of the responses they have been receiving. What does the political climate look like in our area? Does Jill have a lot of support? Also we can brainstorm on upcoming events for the area. The Stein campaign also needs our help with a million calls for Jill. It is a phone banking initiative whose purpose is to contact, and recruit more phone banking volunteers to spread Jill’s message. I will be contacting everyone through email to let them know more about this.   We will be doing door knocking one Sunday in September, and we will ramp up door knocking for October. Two fun events we have coming up in the Syracuse area are; Labor Day outreach at the fair, and The Westcott Cultural Fair. Labor Day outreach will take place on Labor Day 9/5/16 by the main entrance of the fair. We will meet up at 9:00am by the main entrance. There will be literature, and signup sheets handed out to volunteers. We will canvass the people who are entering the fair from 9:15am to 12noon. We will have two point people to contact if you run into any trouble.. It is dollar day so admission is only a dollar! This is usually the busiest day of the fair so we really can reach a lot of people, and spread Jill’s message, and campaign. The Westcott Cultural Fair is also another fun event coming up in the area. It goes from 11:30am till 6pm. We will be marching in the parade so we want people to meet at the Westcott Community Center at 11:30am withy our green on! This is where the parade will start. We are looking for 100 people to march so spread the word! We also will have a booth, and will need people to fill shifts throughout the day. The shifts we need to cover are; booth set up, booth take down, people to staff the booth through the day, and people to hand out literature and engage passersby. If any of these volunteer opportunities peak your interest please get in touch with me. Jill has a chance to win this. In order to do so we need people like you to get involved in the revolution.  We have some great contacts now in Weedsport, and the Utica area. We are looking forward to working more with our new volunteers, and hopefully get them set up to get volunteering started in their towns. Reported by: Mary House Jill 2016 Volunteer Organizer, Onondaga County [email protected] 315-243-7748          

Green Party Offers A Different Option for President (Video)

By Capital Tonight Staff Published on August 4, 2016 Continue reading

Congressional Corner With Matt Funiciello (Audio)

By Alan Chartock Published on August 1, 2016 Continue reading

Green Party Candidates Talk About Issues

By Antonio Olivero Published on July 28, 2016 Continue reading

Warren County Green Party, Judge Candidate At Odds Over Ballot Line

By Don Lehman Published on July 20, 2016 Continue reading

Jason West: National Hero To Local Activist

By Rich Corozone Published on July 18, 2016 Continue reading

Green Party Rising In The North Country? (Audio)

By Brian Mann Published on July 4, 2016 Continue reading

Shame on Cuomo! We Have A Right To Boycott For Human Rights

New Yorkers descended on Albany on June 15 to denounce Governor Cuomo's Executive Order attacking the international, nonviolent, boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement for Palestinian human rights. Rosa Clemente, Green Party 2008 Vice Presidential candidate and Black Lives Matter Upstate Organizer, spoke to a crowd in the NYS Capital during Freedom to Boycott Rally.  Continue reading

Howie Hawkins On The 2016 Elections (Video)

By Johnathan Flanders Published on June 11, 2016 Continue reading

Presumptive Green Party Nominee Jill Stein Makes Stop In Troy (Video)

By WNYT Staff Published on June 11, 2016 Continue reading

Dr. Jill Stein Wins 89% of GPNY Presidential Convention Vote, Robin Laverne Wilson Rallies For US Senate

Dr. Jill Stein, candidate for the Green Party presidential nomination, and US Senate Candidate Robin Laverne Wilson at a fundraiser in May. Photo by Gabriele Holtermann-Gordon Dr. Jill Stein addressed a cheering crowd at the Green Party of New York's presidential nominating convention on Saturday, where she won 89% of the vote and 16 NY delegates to the national convention in August. The GPNY gathering, which included renewing the state platform, organizing workshops and the chance to meet local candidates, drew a crowd of 100 Greens and allies to the Oakwood Community Center in Troy, NY. Presidential candidate Bill Kreml, a scholar of political theory and American government, also won a delegate in the contest. Continue reading

Green for the 21st Congressional District (Video)

By Capital Tonight Staff Published on May 25, 2016 Continue reading

Funiciello Looks for Bigger Presence in 21st Congressional District Race (Video)

By Alex Valverde Published on May 18, 2016 Continue reading

Green Party of New York Calls on Legislature to Undertake Ethics & Campaign Finance Reform This Session in Light of Percoco Scandal

Albany - In light of the ongoing investigation of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's former confidante and campaign manager Joseph Percoco, the Green Party of New York again calls on the New York State Legislature to pass a comprehensive ethics and campaign finance reform package before the end of the 2016 session. Noting the endemic nature of corruption amongst state officials in New York and the frequent indictments brought by US Attorney Preet Bharara, Green Party officers stated that only a strong push to remove the legalized bribery of campaign donations and the lure of outside income for legislators would clean up the cesspool of corruption found in Albany. "We know what will work to change the political culture in Albany: closing the LLC loophole, limiting outside income for legislators, strong disclosure and conflict-of-interest rules for income earned by lawmakers and senior staff, and a fully transparent budget process. While outside income for legislators should be limited to levels akin to those of Congress (15% of the highest salary paid to any sitting legislator), the party supports a full-time, year-round state legislature much like California's. Legislators should consider this their job, and during their terms should worry about people of New York State and not outside income. This would require far more than the 60 calendar days spent in Albany during the year," said Gloria Mattera, state party co-chair. "Alongside this we need a system of full public campaign financing for candidates at the local, state and federal levels modeled on those of Maine and Arizona. The real impetus for corruption arises when campaign donors are able to influence government through the system of legalized bribery that is our campaign finance laws. Creating a system where candidates have no need to solicit those bribes in the first place would move us far closer to cleaning up Albany than any of the so-called reforms have done to this point," concluded Peter LaVenia, state party co-chair. For Immediate ReleaseMay 10, 2016 Green Party of New York Contact:Gloria Mattera, 917-886-4538, [email protected] O'Neil, 917-825-3562, [email protected]  

I remember Earth Day's beginning. Will you fight for its future?

I was a young teenager when the first Earth Day was celebrated in NYC over 40 years ago. It was a day of fun, excitement and a sense of purpose among 20 million people from all over the city and beyond. It helped launch the modern environmental movement and was soon followed by legislation that established protections for our air, water and land. But the millions who pledged a commitment to Mother Earth went unheeded by the 1% and their paid-off Democratic and Republican politicians, who allowed natural resources to be extracted at a devastating rate while deadly carbon and methane spewed into the atmosphere. Continue reading