Free Book on Green Politics for Your New Year's Resolution

Help us make local the focal in 2017 and build the movement by electing Greens to office.  Supporting Members are needed to do this.  Take advantage of your New Year's resolution to read more & our offer of a free copy of "Independent politics: The Green Party Strategy Debate" Edited by Howie Hawkins* for becoming a Supporting Member. 

Registered Greens sign up to pledge as Supporting Members at If you're not a registered Green you can still make a monthly recurring donation and get a copy of the book by visiting


For Dignity,

Frank Cetera, Treasurer, State Committee Representative


(published in 2006 by Haymarket Books, Chicago,Illinois)

Get involved at our next organizing meeting on Sunday January 8th at 7 pm, 2013 East Genesee St, Top Floor.