Greens urge President Obama to condemn police brutality against Occupy protesters

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Green Party Slams Cuomo's Tax Cut For The Rich

The Green Party of NY State slammed Gov. Cuomo and the State Legislature's proposed tax bracket reshuffling as a major Continue reading

Green Party Presidential Forum

The race for the 2012 Green Party Presidential nomination has begun!Two candidates for our nomination - Jill Stein and  Continue reading

Green Party of Suffolk: Occupy/Peace Black Friday at Smith Haven Mall

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Green Party Endorses OWS' Shut Down Wall St. Protest

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As the Occupy movement exists so does the Green Party, sharing an affinity of peace, ecology, justice, and democracy. For two months, there has been a new expression of the will of the people. Occupy Wall Street, along with hundreds of other occupations across this nation, is vital to the future for two reasons. First, it is important as the articulation of the immense dissatisfaction of those who still find themselves unable to survive in this failing economy. A gigantic income inequality, the inordinate power that corporations have over our democratic process, and the calls for austerity that push more people into poverty with less economic rights all demonstrate that the status quo is untenable. Second, through the direct democracy of the General Assemblies that are practiced at each occupation, we find that new alternative political and economic forms are viable and possible. This new democracy from the streets is how the grievances, demands, and solutions of the protesters are formulated rather than prefabricated by corporate backers such as the Koch brothers. What is being seen is the actualization of ideas from Buckminster Fuller and Mario Savio. Fuller proposed that the best way to convince someone would be to create a working model that makes the old system obsolete. Savio stated that when the machine becomes so odious it becomes necessary to put bodies upon the gears to make it stop. This prefiguration and nonviolent civil disobedience makes this a special moment in American history. The movement is made up of hard working people who played by the rules but the economy failed them. Truly, the U.S. is at a pivot point of change in its history. Continue reading

Eviction of Wall Street Occupation Exposes Mayor's Corporate Collusion, Says NY Green Party

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Hawkins Blasts Cuomo for Arrests at Occupy Albany

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Hawkins pulls 48% of vote for City Council

Close Election Sends Strong Progressive Message -  A message from Howie HawkinsWe received 48.2% of the vote on election night, Continue reading

Green Party of NY Celebrates Victory in Rochester, Positive Results Around the State

The New York State Green Party celebrated the strong runs of candidates around the state, including former gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins Continue reading

Green Party Election Results

Robert ClementeMayor of UticaHowie HawkinsSyracuse Common Council, 4th District, 1,072 Votes   48.093%Cecile LawrenceTioga County Legislature, 3rd Disstrict, 35% Continue reading

Green Party Hopeful Vies for Suffolk Legislature

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Syracuse Post-Standard Endorses Hawkins for City Council

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Mayoral candidate Clemente OK with being ‘underdog’

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Green Party candidate peddles his message

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Cecile Lawrence for Tioga County Legislature

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Cesar Malaga, Candidate for Suffolk County Legislature 14th LD

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Green Party to Democratic apologists: The message of the Wall Streetprotests is not 'Vote Democrat'

Video and Livestreaming: Green Party Occupy America Cheri Honkala, Green candidate for Sheriff of Philadelphia, visits Occupy Wall Continue reading


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By Tom Siracuse: Stock markets, banks, and governments worldwide are getting more and more rattled as they fail to intimidate the working class into accepting the burden of a financial collapse caused by corrupt governments, greedy speculation, and unregulated bank loans. Despite the Obama administration’s announcements to buy up long term treasuries, a new “stimulus package”, and even a millionaires tax, stocks have suffered one of their biggest monthly losses since the Great Depression. Even if the Republicans went along with more taxes, these “reforms” would not solve the underlying problem; capitalism cannot control UNBRIDLED GREED. Continue reading

Vote Green Party Today!

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Clemente becomes fifth candidate in Utica mayoral race

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Green Party NYC Statement In Support of Occupy Wall Street

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