Renewing New York — an interview with Howie Hawkins

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US Greens congratulate Egyptians, insist that Egypt must move to democracy without US interference‏

GREEN PARTY OF THE UNITED STATESUS Greens celebrate Egypt's giant Continue reading

Greens, Labor & Healthcare Conference, Feb. 27, NJ

Sunday, February 27th 12:30 to 4:30, Asbury Park, NJHear from Dr. Margaret Flowers, Congressional Fellow for Physicians For National Health Continue reading

GP-US Presents GreenStream Wednesday

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Greens at the Left Forum, March 18-20, NYC

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In this day and age when political centrists are falsely accused of being socialists, it becomes vital to explicitly describe the nature of various ideologies such as anarchism, socialism, and communism and place them into their proper practical context in order to have a public discussion based on truth. For the past two years the American people have been besieged by a barrage of accusations leveled at the present government. One of the most prevalent accusations, and one of the most patently false, is the idea that the Obama administration is socialist. If one were to just look at the policies advocated by the president both during his election campaign and while in office, citizens would see that clearly the administration is nowhere near a socialist government. Wall Street and corporations have nothing to fear from the economic approach of the president or his advisors, most of whom come from financial or corporate backgrounds. The bank bailout, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the insurance mandate as the center of the healthcare law, and the use of Cap And Trade to make money for energy corporations rather than reduce carbon levels are all policies that would never be considered, much less proposed, by a socialist government. These examples each serve the interests of big corporations rather than empower the people or shift the ownership of the means of production to workers. Simply through direct experience, voters can tell that there is no overt or hidden radicalism in the government, to such a degree that many true socialists and other leftists are calling this “Bush’s third term”. However, this direct experience is being distorted by rightwing ideology where lie after lie is promulgated to such a wide degree that everyday people are unable to see what is directly in front of them. That is the inherent power of ideology as a structuring of meaning, specifically for conservative political purposes. If a public discussion is based on lies, then it becomes next to impossible for true leftists to articulate a real alternative to the status quo, an alternative that reveals how president Obama is a servant to the status quo through his many compromises and appeals to centrism. In this case, centrism acts as a tool for the rightwing to shift the overall debate toward their agenda, marginalizing any other viewpoint. At this time there is a great need to have other viewpoints that represent the interests of the marginalized. Continue reading

Green Party’s Hawkins Challenges Cuomo’s Alice in Wonderland Approach to Budget

Hawkins Opposes Cuomo's Proposals for Tax Cuts to the Rich, Job Cuts Says Single Payer Health Care is the Solution Continue reading


In this day and age when political centrists are falsely accused of being socialists, it becomes vital to explicitly describe Continue reading

Green Party Response to State of the Union

WASHINGTON, DC -- The Green Party leaders offered comments on President Obama's 2011 State of the Union speech to Congress Continue reading

Greens Lead Syracuse Protest on Utility Rate Hike Hawkins, former Green Party candidate for governor, tells protesters why National Grid should be audited before the state Public Continue reading

Former Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate Howie Hawkins On "Inside City Hall"

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Green Party to Congress: restore the rule of law after a decade of abuse of the Constitution‏

GREEN PARTY OF THE UNITED STATESGreen Party leaders challenge the new Congress to restore the rule of law after Continue reading

Arizona Green Party statement after Tucson tragedy‏

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Not Everyone Is Praising Cuomo’s Agenda

Howie Hawkins on Capital Tonight with Liz Benjamin.

GPNY State Committee Meeting, March 12, 2011

The next meeting of the State Committee of the Green Party of New York State will be on Saturday, March Continue reading

Green Party Says Cuomo Fiscal Plan Recycles Failed Policies

The Green Party blasted the Emergency Fiscal Plan outlined by Andrew Cuomo in his State Continue reading


[From: A Green State of Mind] The economic theories of both Binary Economics and Social Credit offer a solution to Continue reading


The economic theories of both Binary Economics and Social Credit offer a solution to the gap between labor and capital that is the inherent flaw of capitalism, while each theory addresses the problem from a different perspective. Binary Economics and Social Credit both seek the convergence of production and consumption, recognizing that producers in one section of the economy are also consumers in another section.Binary Economics proposes widespread capital distribution through various structures such as Employee Stock Ownership Plans and Community Investment Corporations to expand capital ownership. The problem that is addressed is the fact that labor and capital both produce value, but capital has the ability to overshadow the power of labor in capitalism. As ownership of human labor fails to provide for human needs, there is the need to expand capital ownership where workers, consumers, and residents would be voting shareholders of economic enterprises and be the recipient of dividends from those capital assets. This capital distribution would begin with interest-free loans that would develop the various mechanisms such as ESOPs, and the loans would be paid off from the initial dividend payments. Binary Economics understands that the economic sphere is the equivalence of labor and capital in order to function, and that capital distribution is the method for their convergence. This convergence of labor and capital acts as a supplement to production. Continue reading

Green Party Releases Questionnaire for Mayoral Candidates

For Immediate ReleaseDecember 31, 2010Local Green Party Releases Candidate Questionnaire for Mayoral CandidatesRochester, NY --  The Green Party of Monroe Continue reading

Open Letter to Gov. Cuomo from Howie Hawkins, 2010 Green Party candidate for Governor of NY

[GPNY Co-chairs Howie Hawkins and Peter LaVenia on WAMC, the NPR affiliate in the Capital Region. ]An Open Letter Continue reading

Volunteers needed for issue work

The NY Green Party State Committee has established an issues committee to help coordinate state level work around issues critical Continue reading

Green Party NY Urges a Full Hand Count of Ballots in 7th Senate District

The Green Party of New York said today that Continue reading

NY Green Party Says Paterson's Hydrofracking Order Doesn't Provide Adequate Protection

NY Green Party Says Paterson's Executive Order on Hydrofracking of Natural Gas Doesn't Provide Adequate Protection for Public Health and Continue reading