Live (8/11) Interview with Laura Wells, former Green Party CA Gubernatorial Candidate

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Hydrofracking Activists Join August NY Green Party Gathering

(Sign a petition to ban hydrofracking here.)A series of workshops, presentations and strategic planning sessions on the political steps Continue reading


The importance of democracy does not lie in its functions within the modern state, but rather in its ability to organize collective action in a decentralized way and thus be in competition with the market. By the time the 21st century arose, it seemed that the only important debate in public life was between the model of the state and the model of the market, one total yet centralized while the other was partial and decentralized. The state offered the chance for equality, and the market offered the chance for freedom. This debate was strongest in regards to the economy and the allocation of scarce and abundant goods. In fact, the nature of scarcity was redefined by this debate, appearing as artificial yet necessary in the market and seen as a vital factor in the state only in regards to propaganda that would marginalize the other as an enemy of the people. The limits of the state were in fact revealed, through a market-based critique, by the constant surfacing of scarcity whenever centralized or total planning of the economy was put forth. However, because the scarcity in question was artificial, the market model offered a decentralized alternative that failed to satisfy all parties involved. In other words, someone had to go without in the market, while the state offered universal access but in predetermined amounts for all involved. Both models, when set up against each other in comparison, failed to be adequate to the social body in providing both freedom and equality at the same time. The contrast of the failings reveal that democracy, as a primal form of collective action, can exist outside of both the market and the state while fulfilling the needs of those in the social sphere. Continue reading

Tell Congress to Vote No on Military Budget

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Marriage Equality in NY

While it looks good that same-sex marriage will pass this week in the Continue reading

Green Party of NYS Endorses 6/14 Bloomberg Budget Action

The Green Party of New York State has endorsed the June 14th "Converge on City Hall Park and Stay Till Bloomberg's Continue reading

Green Party of Suffolk Renews Call for Moratorium on Tasers

Green Party Renews Call for Moratorium on Tasers in Suffolk"The Green Party Continue reading

NY Green Fest 2011, Aug. 5-7, Alfred, NY

Please join us for the fourth bienniel New York Green Fest, Friday, August Continue reading

Sign a Petition to Ban Hydrofracking

Join the Green Party in support a statewide ban of hydrofracking.A hydrofracking moratorium has been in place in New York Continue reading

Green Party Selects Peace Sign as Ballot Symbol, Rules Out Fusion

New York's Green Party state committee adopted rules over the weekend Continue reading

Green Party supports protesters opposing massive 'Via Verde' gas pipeline through Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's colonial status must be replaced with self-determination and independence, say GreensWASHINGTON, DC -- The Green Party has joined Continue reading

Ian Murphy, Green Party Candidate, CD 26

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Green Party urges passage of Sen. Sanders' Medicare For All bill

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Green Party Calls on WGRZ To Include Congressional Candidate Ian Murphy in the May 12 CD-26 Debate

The Green Party of New York State would like to express its deep disappointment in the exclusion of Congressional candidate Ian Continue reading

GreenStream GPUS-TV, Kent Mesplay the 1st announced Green Party Presidential Candidate, 6/13

LIVE Video - GreenStream GPUS-TVKent Mesplay the 1st announced Green Party Presidential CandidateMonday June 13, 9pm EDTLink to watch the Continue reading

Ian Murphy on the Death of bin Laden

Ian Murphy is the Green Party candidate in the NY-26 special congressional election on May 24. This is Murphy’s Continue reading

Green Party: After the Death of Osama bin Laden, the Next Step Must Be Peace

WASHINGTON, DC -- Green Party leaders on Monday expressed hope that news of the killing of Osama bin Laden marks Continue reading

Elizabeth May Elected Canada’s first Green Party MP

Globe and Mail (Toronto), May 3 2011Elizabeth May asked voters in her adopted riding to make history. And Continue reading

Growing Movement For And Against Charter Schools

By Tom SiracuseMore than 1.6 million students attend 5,000 charters in the U.S.. Only 10 states have no charters. Los Continue reading

Growing Movement For And Against Charter Schools

By Tom Siracuse: More than 1.6 million students attend 5,000 charters in the U.S.. Only 10 states have no charters. Los Angeles and Detroit have around 70,000 students each in charters and Washington D.C.’s charters account for 58% of its public school students. The Louisiana State Legislature used the Katrina hurricane disaster to take over New Orleans’ public schools, de-unionized them and now 61% of the city’s students are in charters. Continue reading

LIVE: Elizabeth May, GP Canada Member of Parliament - Wed May 18, 10pm EDT

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On Earth Day, Green Party Urges Cuomo to Shut Down Nukes, Ban Hydrofracking

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Green Party Nominates Ian Murphy for 26th Congressional District

Will Challenge Major Parties on Peace, Budget Priorities, Single Payer Health Continue reading

Green Party NYS Meeting May 21th

A Green Party of NY State Committee meeting will take place Saturday, May 21th, in Rensselaer, New York at the Continue reading