Gregory Horn For New York State Assembly, 144Th District


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Green Party Endorses Gregory Horn For New York State Assembly, 144Th District

Buffalo, NY – The Green Party of Erie County has endorsed Gregory Horn (web site) in the special election to fill the open 144th New York State Assembly seat. The election will take place on primary day, September 13th, 2011.

A resident of Buffalo since 1978, Horn is a graduate of City Honors High School.  He founded the small business A to Z Home Restoration in 1994, which focuses on residential remodeling.

“I’m running because the people of Buffalo, Grand Island and New York State deserve, among other things, a representative who is passionately opposed to the process of Hydraulic Fracturing (commonly known as “fracking”,) and who will work tirelessly to protect our drinking water”, says Horn. “I don’t believe anybody actually wants our water to be poisoned, but it is happening, and it will continue to happen, in order to increase oil and gas industry profits. The only future which holds any promise for the people of this state, or of any state, is a green and sustainable one.” If elected, Horn will focus his energy on ending the unemployment crisis and lowering taxes across the board, in addition to environmental protection. “An astonishing number of people are out of work who would love to participate in a new, improved economy –which is not only possible, but necessary– and I can tell you from experience how frustrating it is to be a small business owner in New York State , not to mention a taxpayer in Buffalo. But if we can develop our green industrial sector, we will create jobs and get people back to work, which makes lower taxes possible,” says Horn.

“New Yorkers are ready to bring real change to Albany and are ready to start looking at independent candidates,” said Green Party of Erie County Chair Eric Jones. “Gregory Horn won’t have party bosses telling him how to vote, and will not be influenced by the corporate money that pollutes our political system as well as our environment.”
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