Call Congress to Reject Obama Budget Deal!

The President and the Congress are working on their endgame on the budget negotiations and debt ceiling limit.

It appears that Obama has been willing to offer serious cuts in a host of domestic programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Food Stamps in exchange for a future promise to raise revenues through "tax reform" that would lower the overall tax rate for the wealthy.

The biggest problems facing the country isn't the deficit. And the deficit problem was created through huge taxes for the wealthy, massive increases in military spending and a great economic recession created through the misdeeds and greeds of banks, Wall Street and government regulators.

Instead of solving this problem, the Democrats are buying into the strategy develop by Bush and Rove to create huge budget deficits so that the Democrats would agree to cut domestic spending.

The Democrats are ignoring the recession and unemployment and climate change.

Call Senator Schumer at 202.224.6542 and Senator Gillibrand at 202.224.4451

Message: Vote for a Green New Deal that invests in job creation through investment in public jobs and renewable energy. Don't cut safety net programs such as food stamps, Medicaid, Medicare and social security. Raise taxes on the rich and Wall Street while slashing the military budget. Vote no on the Obama-Boehner budget deal. Call the Republicans bluff on not raising the debt ceiling.

You can use SEIU's toll free system to be connected to any Congressmember. 1-877-736-7831

You can also send a weaker message through the AFL-CIO site. Tell your senators and the White House: No cuts to the social safety net. Focus on jobs, and make corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share.