Thanks for Your Support: Alex White for Mayor of Rochester

Thomas Richards bested former Mayor William A. Johnson Jr. and businessman Alex White, taking 49 percent of the vote. Johnson

received 42 percent, and White, 9 percent, in unofficial tallies that do not include write-ins. Turnout was 26 percent.

Alex White addressed his supporters on Monroe Avenue in the City of Rochester at roughly 10:30pm on March 29, 2011. Below are his brief remarks:

“I would like to personally thank my family, my campaign staff and those here tonight for your support throughout this entire campaign.

I would also like to thank the voters for the wonderful turnout and the support that you gave me today. I believe that together we have reshaped the political landscape in Rochester.

In the City of Rochester we have begun to talk about real issues. For so long, Rochesterians have been represented by only one voice-- that of the Democratic Party.

While this campaign was not successful tonight, the process was.

This election provided another voice to the one party rule that this city has had for far too long.

We did this together. This is just the beginning.

I would like to congratulate Tom Richards as the new Mayor of Rochester.

While Tom and I have differed on various points throughout this campaign, I know that we will both continue to focus on the common interests of those who live and work in the City of Rochester.

I would like to thank everyone who voted for me. I would like to thank everyone who believed in this campaign. What we did together is just the beginning.”

Thanks everyone for their support.  Alex White