Corporate Party Transfer Day on December 17th

Disillusioned Voters Gear up for Corporate Party Transfer Day on December 17th

Napa, California—December 11, 2011

On December 17th, those dissatisfied with the two major parties, the Democratic and Republican parties, will have an opportunity to express their discontent by participating in the first annual Corporate Party Transfer Day, a protest-event founded by political activist, Erica Martenson, on Facebook. Building on Bank Transfer Day last month in which thousands of individuals moved their money out of large banks into credit unions and the Occupy Wall Street movement, Corporate Party Transfer Day calls on those who are unhappy with the government to register or re-register with a third party or as “decline to state” on or before December 17th.

December 17th marked the beginning of the Arab Spring in Tunisia last year when vegetable seller, Mohamed Bouazizi, set fire to himself to protest poverty and government repression. With the Occupy movement, the United States appears to be undergoing its own “American Spring;” however, Corporate Party Transfer Day aims to direct some of the anger in the United States being expressed toward large corporations toward the federal government that has accepted corporate financing and enacted the policies that have benefited large corporations at the expense of the American people, allowing the gap between rich and poor to grow.

According to a recent New York Times/CBS News poll, Congress’ approval rating has dropped to its lowest level ever at only 9%, yet approximately 70% of voters are still registered with the two major parties that make up the federal government. In an election, only about 35% of eligible voters can be expected to vote; according to the California Voter Foundation, the top reasons individuals cite for not voting are because they believe that “politics are controlled by special interests,” and because they do not feel the candidates really speak to them.

According to Erica Martenson, “Registering ‘decline to state’ is a great first step in that you are not giving your support to the corporate duopoly, the Republicrats. However, by registering with a third party, especially one that does not accept corporate donations, and by voting for third party candidates, you are actually helping build a positive political alternative.”

“I understand why people are inclined to not vote when our system has become so corrupt with politicians accepting donations from large corporations and then putting in place policies that benefit them instead of us,” states Ms. Martenson. “However, just think what could happen if that 65% of registered voters who are so disillusioned that they choose not to vote threw their support behind a non-corporate third party that could challenge the status quo and bring about real reform that would benefit the majority of Americans and the environment.”

There are many third parties, but the “Big Three” third parties are the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, and the Constitution Party, and of those only the first two have ballot access in California. [The Green Party is a ballot access party in NY State.

] The Green Party does not accept any corporate financing. Email inquiries on November 9th as to whether or not the other two parties accept corporate donations have still gone unanswered.

For more information, please see “Corporate Party Transfer Day” on Facebook.

Contact: Erica Martenson
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