Gas or Electric – What’s Your Preference?

I visited the New York Auto Show last Sunday and was curious to see if the rising cost of gas had increased people’s interest in hybrids or all-electric cars. Apparently not, since the biggest crowds were gathered around the Porsches and Lamborghinis. As gas prices go up it will be interesting to see if more people start buying hybrids. This has been the case in Europe where hybrids are more popular than here. Continue reading

DC Statehood Green Party urge support for the Reconstruction Platform

Statehood Greens noted that the Reconstruction Party is consistent with the Green Party's platform, positions, & principles, and that Greens Continue reading

DC Statehood Greens support DC Council Bill 17-0527 to stop the public property land grab in Washington, DC

The DC Statehood Green Party supports passage of DC Council Bill 17-0527, to prevent District government from disposing public properties Continue reading

Green Party Update On The 2008 Election

Illinois Greens select US Senate candidate, run record number of US House candidates . . . Cynthia McKinney wins Wisconsin Continue reading


Since 2008 is an election year, many in the nation are more aware of voting than in non-election years. But voting is vital not only in the strict confines of a democracy, but as part of a larger political movement such as that embodied in the Green Party. There are many issues related to voting that are vital, such as how votes are counted and verified. But in order to recognize voting as a component of a movement, one must see voting as more than just a confirmation or rejection of particular candidates while the government structure continues unabated. Instead of looking at the symptom of the modern nation-state, political representation, one must use voting as a tactic that fulfills a larger strategy for progressive change. In that respect an alternative such as the Green Party can reevaluate what political organization can mean. Continue reading

Cynthia McKinney Wins Big in Wisconsin

he Wisconsin Green Party Spring Gathering and Presidential Preference Convention was held today at the River Center at the Gruenhagen Continue reading

Greens urge endorsement of UN resolution declaring access to clean water a human right

Green Party leaders called for the US to support a United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) resolution declaring clean water Continue reading

Obama’s Not So Much Mandate?

Well run political campaigns are often like well crafted movies. The best ones have exceptional script writers, who dutifully supply the actors with the words the talented thespians wouldn’t otherwise mouth. The much praised “race” speech Obama gave on Tuesday, 03/18, was evidence of the presence of masterful spinmeisters, that are diligently working behind his stage’s curtain, providing soothing phrases not always consistent with his actions. Obama has been displaying a pattern of ideological unreliability, and a quickness to discard inconvenient friends… a profile in cowardice. Continue reading

Greens warn that election of Obama, Clinton, or McCain will not reverse the meltdown touched off by the subprime mortgage crisis

Greens blame bipartisan failure to recognize Enron-style abuses, SEC and Federal Reserve Board indulgence of banks and lending institutions for Continue reading

Greens Doonan, Sherman Elected in NY

Green David Doonan was elected Mayor of Greenwich, NY in voting Continue reading


During the early part of the primary season, as Republican candidates had one of their debates, a small piece of legislation was in Congress that would establish a Woodstock museum. Supposedly the museum would begin being built during the 40th anniversary year of the music festival that ended the 1960’s. Of course Republicans took great pleasure in ridiculing this bill, especially John McCain who was a prisoner of war in Vietnam at the time. Setting aside the fact that his remarks could have illuminated the inherent baselessness of that past war, the general attitude of many Republicans and conservatives toward that era show that the basis of their ideology today is to refute the many movements and ideas of the 1960’s. The revolutions and dramatic change of that time are minimized in conservative rhetoric as part of a counter-revolution and restoration of the old order. These movements and ideas forty years ago were summed up by the counterculture, and what was missing in the ridicule is the fact that a counterculture always attempts to create a new society. The counterculture of the 1960’s in particular may not have completely succeeded, but it offered a template for future attempts and illustrates the need for a recurring counterculture as a phenomenon in the United States and the world. Continue reading

More Green-Rainbow voters go to the polls; Party looks forward to bigger strides locally.

The Green-Rainbow Party learned the results of its February 5th presidential primary last week, which saw an increase in participation Continue reading

Green 'Peace Party' positions against the Iraq and Afghanistan wars compared to pro-occupation Clinton, Obama, and McCain

Green Party leaders today compared the Green demand for an immediate end to the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan to Continue reading

Press Release: Greens Victorious in Campaign to Remove Robert E. Lee Quote from Tax Decal

The Arlington Green Party expressed satisfaction today that its campaign to remove a quote from Confederate General Robert E. Lee Continue reading


It is assumed that democracy is a good thing, based on the premise that it is the best way to prevent dictatorships. However, as recent history has shown, there have been cases where a government elected through a democratic process assumed absolute power, usually through the catalyst of a supposed state of emergency. There is the democracy of small groups and there is the democracy of the nation-state, both seeming to arise from the historical period of the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment also was the introduction of reason as the main organizing principle of human action, and there is an implied connection between the exercise of reason and the best possible application of democracy. The positive perspective on reason and democracy that began with the Enlightenment has shaped the current discussion of how to have a just government and society, going to democracy as the default method. But it has ignored the inherent structural characteristics that is needed in order to have any exercise of power, any meaning in reality, or any functioning economic system. It is in fact these structural characteristics that has demonstrated that the Enlightenment was not necessarily a complete reform of the human condition, and that the movement toward transcendence that occurs in structures has at times moved reason and democracy toward a negative and destructive direction against human needs or wishes. Continue reading

California Greens wish Matt Gonzalez well as he leaves Green Party to fight for ballot access as VP on Nader independent ticket

The Green Party of California reacted favorably today to reports that former president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors Continue reading

Greens urge economic pressure and cutoff of all military aid to Israel as Gaza situation worsens

Calling the Siege of Gaza an international emergency, the Green Party is urging Congress to reject President Bush's FY2009 budget Continue reading

Greens respond to Ralph Nader's decision not to seek the Green Party nomination

Green Party leaders expressed their disappointment in Ralph Nader's decision, announced on Thursday, not to seek the 2008 Green presidential Continue reading

Green Party Presidential Candidates

Ralph Nader declared today (2/28) that he is no longer seeking the Green Party nomination for president, and Jared Continue reading

Nader Shows Up a Spoiled System, Helps McKinney

by Rachel Treichler: Ralph Nader entered the 2008 presidential campaign this week asking tough questions that none of the major party candidates have taken up. No wonder they denounce him as a spoiler. Nader, McKinney and the other third party candidates do spoil the insider game that seeks to limit American voters to the two choices of the two corporate parties. All voters benefit from Nader’s and McKinney’s efforts. Continue reading

Presidential Candidate Kat Swift To Appear At Muslim American Forum Feb. 29

Green Party presidential candidate Kat Swift will attend the Muslim American Society's Meet the Candidates forum Feb. 29 in Austin, Continue reading

Judge Tells District to Settle Benning Library Case

On Friday, February 15, Superior Court Judge Judith E. Retchin handed plaintiffs in Tingling-Clemmons v. Fenty another victory when she Continue reading

Why has the American peace movement been so ineffective in opposing the War in Iraq?

by David C. Schwab: First of all, it has failed to capitalize on widespread anti-war sentiment in America. In part, this is because the stubborn refusal by Washington politicians to change course perpetuates the illusion that this war still enjoys popular support in our country. A February 2008 CNN poll reveals the reality of the situation: 64% of Americans now claim to oppose the war, as compared to only 34% who support it. In an election, numbers like that would mean a landslide for the peace movement – but the federal government has continued to resist the will of the people. Moreover, a January 2008 Bloomberg poll showed that 20% of Americans support immediate withdrawal and another 43% want to be out within a year. Interestingly, a poll taken one year earlier in January 2007 showed a nearly identical result: 19% of Americans favored immediate withdrawal, with another 46% supporting withdrawal within one year. After the vaunted Democratic takeover of Congress, troop levels in Iraq, rather than going down, increased significantly. This shows a surprising level of disregard for the 65% of voters who said, in January 2007, that they wanted the war to be over by now. Continue reading

DC Statehood Green leader Asa Gordon to speak on the Supreme Court's Bush v. Gore ruling (2000)

DC Statehood Green Party leader Asa Gordon will deliver a lecture on "Supreme Redemption: Larceny, the Elections and the US Continue reading

Green Party Of New York State Welcomes Ralph Nader Into The 2008 Presidential Race

The Green Party of New York State welcomes Ralph Nader into the 2008 presidential race and invites Mr. Nader to Continue reading