The philosophy of Alain Badiou is vital to the political work of the Green Party in that he describes the possibility of political action in regards to the event. And it can be easily said that September 11th is an example of the event in present time. People living after this event are in a new form of reality, and must be able to understand what kind of options are possible and what can occur when there is a disruption of predictable history and meaning. In fact, a new arena of the political emerges where previous assumptions disappear and there is a need to engage in this arena to reclaim freedom and a sense of purpose. The possibility of action and control are in fact more fully displayed after the event, and to an extent everything becomes politically important. Continue reading

Green Party of California trumpets support for gay marriage decision, asks other political parties where they've been for the past 15 years?

The Green Party of California - which, unlike the other national political parties, has strongly advocated for the legalization of Continue reading

Greens call the 60th anniversary of Israel an occasion to affirm international law, enact human rights, and end the illegal occupation of Palestinian territories

Green Party leaders urged the White House and Congress to recognize the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Israel as Continue reading


by Terry Gerych: Below are some 20 premises of the writer Derrick Jensen, some of whose books I’ve read. I happen to agree pretty much with them. Which brings up the topic line listed as the subject of this post: did we sign up for this? I could make it into a long discussion, but I won’t right now. Right now, it’ll suffice to point out one of Derrick Jensen’s premises listed below, taken from his writing: “our culture, and most people, are insane”. Insane, or maybe just plain stupid, or depraved. The point to be made, if one accepts this premise as I do, is that this can’t be a ‘free’ choice. No one would ‘freely’ choose to be insane, stupid, or depraved. No one chooses to have cancer, to die suddenly, unexpectedly, violently. No one sets out to break another’s heart, or to have their own heart broken. Yet these things happen all the time, to us, and to others. If they haven’t happened to you yet, give it time. Your turn is coming. Continue reading

Information for media covering the Green Party's 2008 National Nominating Convention in Chicago, July 10-13

Organizers of the Green Party's 2008 National Nominating Convention are encouraging journalists who intend to cover the event to register Continue reading

Michigan Greens Post List of Candidates "Qualified for Endorsement"

The Green Party of Michigan may not be on the ballot for August's primary. But GPMI is posting its own Continue reading

Green Party Members in New York Voting In A Presidential Primary By Mail Ballot

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEGloria Mattera, Co-Chair, Green Party of New York StatePeter LaVenia, Co-chair, Green Party of New York StateAlbany, Continue reading


Local businesses are vital in that they create tight interconnections between workers, owners, consumers, taxpayers, and voters. People have a greater ability to control their own economic destiny when working with their neighbors. They can see the cause and effect of economic actions and are able to hold people responsible for their actions. Continue reading

Greens urge defeat of current Farm Bill, urge legislation to assist small local farms instead of big agribusiness

Green Party leaders called for national defeat of the $300 billion Farm Bill, calling it a capitulation to major agribusiness Continue reading

State Committee Meeting

Carl Lundgren performs at the Green Party of NY State Committee meeting May 10th Continue reading

Green Party of New York State Rejects Judge’s Decision to Exonerate Police in Sean Bell Murder

Press Release: For Immediate ReleaseMay 7, 2008Green Party of New York State Rejects Judge’s Decision to Exonerate Police in Sean Continue reading

Greens introduce a plan for environmental action for a Green President's first 100 days in office

he Green Party's Eco-Action Committee has announced a set of recommendations for environmental actions for the first 100 days of Continue reading

Green Party of New York State Rejects Judge's Decision to Exonerate Police in Sean Bell Murder

The Green Party of New York State (GPNYS) offers its heartfelt condolences to the family of Sean Bell, and completely Continue reading

DC Statehood Green Party endorses Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8B's statement against Mayor Fenty's plan to end public hearings on the DC Public Schools budget

The DC Statehood Green Party has endorsed a resolution from Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8B (ANC 8B) urging the City Council Continue reading

Green Mayor Brings Open Government to Greenwich, NY

David Doonan was considering a run for public office last year, but not necessarily Continue reading

New York State Marches for Peace

The Green Party in NY is a sponsor of the March to Fort Drum in Watertown, NY May 8 through Continue reading

Green Party congressional candidates 'applaud' ILWU work stoppage at SF & West Coast ports on May 1 to protest wars in Iraq, Afghanistan

Green Party congressional candidates said today they "applaud" the ILWU work stoppage scheduled May 1 here and at other California Continue reading

Choosing a Green Party Presidential Candidate in NY

The Green Party in NY isn't entitled to hold a Board of Elections run primary. However, folks enrolled in the Continue reading

Green Party Presidential Debate Videos

Green Candidates Cynthia McKinney, Jared Ball, Kent Mesplay, Kat Swift and Jesse Johnson participated in a debate held in San Continue reading


In the various movements for ecological, social, and economic justice there is a recurring question as to how participants conduct themselves in order to get the best results for their cause. For protecting the environment there is the issue of reducing material pleasure in order to consume and pollute less. For social justice there is the issue of preserving equality while recognizing difference. For economic justice there is the issue of allowing people to be able to make a living but not to engage in gross conspicuous consumption that is also exploitation. All of these discussions revolve around how to be serious in the movement, and the need to sacrifice for the purported goals. But this debate appears to cover over the possibility of desire to be expressed as a political act, which would in turn rearrange the whole process of being in a movement and the criteria for meeting long-term and short-term goals. Acknowledging desire as pivotal to a new type of political practice, especially a practice outside of the confines of the nation-state and capitalism, requires an introduction of enjoyment as a pleasure in creativity. In other words there must be a politics of joy in order to make the movements have a strong foundation that spans beyond generations. But it must be an enjoyment and joy that is always escaping the limits of simple and safe pleasure. Continue reading

CT Green Party Convention To Vote For Presidential Candidates Green Congressional Candidates To Speak

Green Party of Connecticut will hold its Annual Convention on Saturday, April 26, 2008 at 11 a.m. at the Greater Continue reading

EARTH DAY: Green Party elected supervisor, mayor, city councilor, lead battle opposing $74 million state plan to spray pesticides to kill Light Brown Apple Moth

Green Party elected officials in Bay Area cities are helping oppose a $74 million plan by the California Department of Continue reading

US Green Party sends delegation to the Second Global Greens Congress in Sao Paulo, Brazil, May 1-4

The Green Party of the United States will send six delegates to the Second Global Greens Congress, to take place Continue reading

Michigan Greens Apportion, Elect Convention Delegates Unanimously

Other Michigan political parties may be having problems allocating and seating national-convention delegates. But not the Greens.


Every night on CNN, Lou Dobbs continually returns to the issue of illegal immigration. In his enveloping rhetoric, he proposes that corporations and what he terms “socio-ethnocentric special interests” serve to weaken American borders and threaten American jobs. These two sides supposedly are in a secret partnership for their own interest. However, what he fails to reveal is that the corporations that thrive on the global form of late capitalism actually want his rhetoric that prevents looking at illegal immigration in the context of human rights, and instead villifies any advocacy organization that tries to do so. These immigrants are considered either as a productive resource or as an absolute threat to national sovereignty, but hardly ever as human citizens of the world. The content of humans crossing the border at great peril is actually contained and pacified by the global form of late capitalism, forever defined outside of the context of a free society. The inherent competitive nature of capitalism pits American workers against foreign-born workers even though both are exploited by the overall system. Workers and immigrants should be natural allies, but any possible solidarity against capitalism is thus thwarted and all people in the country are used for mass production or passive consumption regardless of being native or immigrant. Dobbs ignores this aspect by taking a position that looks like it is outside of political ideology, but is in fact the complete success of an ideology that classifies any attempt at human rights as a willing partner with corporate power. The immigration issue is a microcosm of a larger issue of multiculturalism and how it can present diversity only to be subsumed under global capitalism. Continue reading