Despite Police Raids And Arrests, Minnesota Greens Join Antiwar, Antipoverty Protests At RNC

Greens have been among those targeted for harassment and intimidation by police in a wave of pre-emptive actions taken before Continue reading

Join the McKinney Campaign's Virtual Phone Banks

The McKinney-Clemente campaign operates a virtual phone bank where you can work from home, using your unlimited long distance plans Continue reading

McKinney/Clemente and Obama/Biden compared on the US justice system, the War on Drugs, human rights, and fair elections

As the Democratic National Convention continued, Green Party leaders called attention to sharp differences between the Democratic ticket and Green Continue reading

Green Party Vice-Presidential Candidate Rosa Clemente To Participate In "Open The Debates" Rally In Denver

Rosa Clemente, the recently nominated vice-presidential candidate running with former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney on the Green Party ticket, will join Continue reading

McKinney/Clemente and Obama/Biden compared on health care, labor, the economy

Green Party leaders challenged the media and campaign hype of the Democratic National Convention by comparing the positions taken by Continue reading

Greens: Cynthia McKinney deserves to participate in the Sept. 18 presidential debate in New Orleans

Green Party leaders called for the organizers of the September 18 presidential debate in New Orleans to admit other candidates Continue reading


by Terry Gerych: Horror movies build suspense. The classic case is where a victim fails to flee, even though there’s obvious danger, or if he or she does flee, he or she clumsily trips and falls, stumbles, or crawls such that he or she is easily caught by a murderous assailant. The viewer is annoyed by the stupid or clumsy response, but mesmerized, and the filmmaker often milks the suspense for all it’s worth, dragging out scene after scene for several minutes, giving the viewer plenty of time to experience a suspense buildup and climax. Continue reading

Statehood Greens criticize Del. Norton and her fellow Democrats for omitting DC statehood from the 2008 Democratic platform draft

DC Statehood Green Party leaders and candidates expressed concern and disappointment over the Democratic Party's omission of DC statehood from Continue reading

Greens call military-style police measures and violation of citizens' rights a "breakdown of law"

Green Party candidates and leaders called the 24-hour curfew imposed on the city of Helena-West Helena, Arkansas, a gross violation Continue reading

CT Greens Blame Media 'Black Out' For Mckinney Not Being On Fall Ballot

Connecticut Green Party officials said they blame the news media's 'black out' or NO NEWS COVERAGE of Green Party candidate Continue reading

Gordon Clark: Russo-Georgian Conflict Shows Bankruptcy Of Post Cold-War Order

the Clark for Congress campaign issued the following statement today on the Russo-Georgian conflict by 8th District Green Party congressional Continue reading

More Information and Biography on the Late Eddie Boyd

Eddie Boyd, Jr. was born on August 24, 1961 in Miami, Florida. Eddie served in the United States Navy soon Continue reading


The call for unity, especially within the nation-state, has the appearance of benefiting all those involved. But any type of unity can very easily be a movement toward transcendence that creates absolute terms. These absolute terms can be in direct conflict with the objective reality and can be a form of oppression and exclusion. However, this objective reality can only be known by humans through sensory experience and the mediation of structures of meaning. The philosophical genre called poststructuralism has devoted its efforts toward analyzing how structures operate, to such an extent that it may appear that structures actually create reality. On the other hand, there is the rising work of speculative realism that work towards an examination of reality as it exists in itself outside of experience and structures. The examination of reality in itself, in tandem with poststructuralism, can show that reality is much more varied and strange than what humans are able to know. Alongside an understanding of the functions of structures, it is possible to reveal that any call for unity has its origins from a specific political and social agenda and not from a stable basis in reality or truth. In fact, in most cases, a claim on truth can go against how reality and structures actually operate. Continue reading

America needs the Green Party's solutions to energy and global warming crises, not the Obama or McCain plans, say Greens

Green candidates and leaders called Barack Obama's and John McCain's positions on energy policy, gas prices, and global warming a Continue reading

Former Green Party Candidate for Governor Dies

Eddie Boyd, 2006 Green Party candidate for Governor, passed away this morning at 2:17 AM at Good Samaritan Hospital of Continue reading

Michigan Greens Nominate a Total of 32 Candidates for 2008

The final tally is in, and the Green Party of Michigan (GPMI) has nominated a total of 32 candidates for Continue reading

Greens launch effort against Electoral College manipulation of presidential elections

Green Party leaders said today that the outcome of the 2008 presidential election may be affected by the antidemocratic apportionment Continue reading

Michigan Greens Nominate Rev. Pinkney at State Convention

The Green Party of Michigan (GPMI) evoked the memory of Eugene V. Debs by nominating jailed Benton Harbor community activist Continue reading


by Susan Donderewicz: The following is a transcript of a presentation made during a meeting on community economics in Steuben County in May of 2008: I’ve been given just fifteen minutes, so I’ve narrowed my topic to the history of civilization. With a special emphasis on the future, since this is part of the progression, it just hasn’t happened yet. When I envision an economy of a particular time and place, I picture a machine, and the first place to look is how the machine is powered, what makes this economy go. The ancient Egyptians had an economy that created the pyramids, the Sphinx, all those ancient works of art. I refer to that bulwark of historical accuracy, Hollywood, for a glimpse of how that system worked. The “Ten Commandments” showed scene after scene of the masses of people working hard from dawn to dusk, their lives were nothing but endless work. I thought as I was growing up that this was because they used primitive methods to provide for their basic needs. However, during my Hippie experience, I lived off a garden using a pickaxe, cutting wood with a bow saw. It took about half a day, on the average, to fill my needs. The rest of my day was free for courses at the community college, visiting friends, etc. So why were the Egyptian masses working so hard? Where was all that effort going? The Egyptian economy was a machine shaped like a giant pyramid, with the huge majority at the bottom, a lesser number of immediate supervisors just above them, on up to a very small group at the top: a hierarchy. The people at the bottom powered the machine with that labor beyond which they performed for their own benefit, this excess they unwillingly contributed upwards through the machine to the controllers at the top. The huge amount of wealth and power wielded by the people at the top originated from the workers at the bottom. Very little benefit came back down to the workers—supervision, for sure, and police presence, quite probably. The Egyptian economy was powered by the exploitation of the masses. Continue reading

Greens warn that antiwar Americans will waste their votes if they vote for Obama, citing his positions on Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and the Middle East

Green Party leaders said today that antiwar voters will not get an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan Continue reading

Greens urge quick action on Ohio, Pennsylvania election crimes, seek assurance of 2008 ballot access fairness and election integrity

Green Party leaders urged swift and aggressive court action to ensure fair elections and enforcement of legal campaign practices in Continue reading

Cynthia McKinney on Why She's Running as a Green, Economics, Health Care, and More the menu button above to bring up a menu of Continue reading

Greens, after the nomination of the McKinney-Clemente ticket at the Chicago convention, begin aggressive ballot access effort

Green leaders, after the party's successful national convention last weekend in Chicago, have turned their attention towards placing nominees Cynthia Continue reading

Green Party mourns loss of Dona Spring, Berkeley City Council member since 1992; she's called an ‘inspiration' as longest serving Green in office

Greens statewide and across the nation are mourning the loss of Berkeley City Councilwoman Dona Spring – she was the Continue reading


Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, in their two volumes of “Capitalism And Schizophrenia”, brought up a very important issue or question. That is, why do people desire their own repression, and how does that allow the formation of fascism. Even in democratic societies this question needs to be answered and analyzed in order to prepare humans to exist with and use free agency in opposition to the nature of structures that develop hierarchy and domination. A full understanding of how fascism occurs on the micro-level can result in a more fleshed out critique of the larger structures of power that grow from this foundation. This understanding begins with the definition of general fascism as the intersection of corporate power, militarism, and religious fundamentalism which in turn is taken apart to look at the conundrum of humans dealing with absolute determination and absolute freedom. Continue reading