Nader Shows Up a Spoiled System, Helps McKinney

by Rachel Treichler: Ralph Nader entered the 2008 presidential campaign this week asking tough questions that none of the major party candidates have taken up. No wonder they denounce him as a spoiler. Nader, McKinney and the other third party candidates do spoil the insider game that seeks to limit American voters to the two choices of the two corporate parties. All voters benefit from Nader’s and McKinney’s efforts. Continue reading

Presidential Candidate Kat Swift To Appear At Muslim American Forum Feb. 29

Green Party presidential candidate Kat Swift will attend the Muslim American Society's Meet the Candidates forum Feb. 29 in Austin, Continue reading

Judge Tells District to Settle Benning Library Case

On Friday, February 15, Superior Court Judge Judith E. Retchin handed plaintiffs in Tingling-Clemmons v. Fenty another victory when she Continue reading

Why has the American peace movement been so ineffective in opposing the War in Iraq?

by David C. Schwab: First of all, it has failed to capitalize on widespread anti-war sentiment in America. In part, this is because the stubborn refusal by Washington politicians to change course perpetuates the illusion that this war still enjoys popular support in our country. A February 2008 CNN poll reveals the reality of the situation: 64% of Americans now claim to oppose the war, as compared to only 34% who support it. In an election, numbers like that would mean a landslide for the peace movement – but the federal government has continued to resist the will of the people. Moreover, a January 2008 Bloomberg poll showed that 20% of Americans support immediate withdrawal and another 43% want to be out within a year. Interestingly, a poll taken one year earlier in January 2007 showed a nearly identical result: 19% of Americans favored immediate withdrawal, with another 46% supporting withdrawal within one year. After the vaunted Democratic takeover of Congress, troop levels in Iraq, rather than going down, increased significantly. This shows a surprising level of disregard for the 65% of voters who said, in January 2007, that they wanted the war to be over by now. Continue reading

DC Statehood Green leader Asa Gordon to speak on the Supreme Court's Bush v. Gore ruling (2000)

DC Statehood Green Party leader Asa Gordon will deliver a lecture on "Supreme Redemption: Larceny, the Elections and the US Continue reading

Green Party Of New York State Welcomes Ralph Nader Into The 2008 Presidential Race

The Green Party of New York State welcomes Ralph Nader into the 2008 presidential race and invites Mr. Nader to Continue reading

Green Party ballot line upheld for West Virginia's Mountain Party

West Virginia Law Upholds Green Party Ballot Line

Green presidential candidates arrive in Arizona to assist state ballot access efforts

Five candidates running for the Green Party's presidential and vice presidential nomination will visit Arizona this coming weekend to meet Continue reading


Desire is a human trait, and has a deep and lasting impression on political activity in general. Whether it is restricted or liberated, desire as inherently human plays a crucial part in how individuals and collectives express themselves through various political institutions. The understanding of desire and how it is structured can aid in the way one understands how to create a new political alternative. Unfortunately desire has previously been limited to a psychological discussion, and usually depicted as a wild and violent side to human nature that must be repressed or reconditioned. What is vital is to demonstrate how desire can be the basis of real and at times revolutionary political action, exemplified in the current context with the Green Party and its presentation of itself as a real choice beyond the two-party system. Continue reading

DC ADVISORY Green pres. candidate Cynthia McKinney to visit DC, Md. on Feb. 19

Green presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney to make campaign stops in DC and Maryland on Tuesday, Feb. 19 The former Georgia Continue reading

New evidence to be presented at Feb. 15 hearing on Benning Library in DC's Ward 7: Library to be replaced with a shopping center?

A hearing on Benning Library in Washington, DC's Ward 7 will take place tomorrow, Friday, February 15th, at 10:30 a.m. Continue reading

Green presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney wins the DC Statehood Green primary with 41.48%

WASHINGTON, DC -- According to unofficial election night results released by the DC Board of Elections and Ethics, Cynthia McKinney Continue reading


NOTE NEW DATE & PLACE:March 1 at Village Hall, New Paltz25 Plattekill Ave., New Paltz,+New+Paltz,+NY+12561&sll=41.747142,-74.084008&sspn=0.008101,0.017123&ie=UTF8&ll=41.754346,-74.079781&spn=0.008101,0.017123&z=14&output=embed&s=AARTsJrzfAtM5daQCVdDzoumsOqvXUliPw View Larger MapDraft Agenda for Continue reading

Unofficial Green Party Primary returns

California Kent Mesplay (Grn) 565 2.0 % Jared Ball (Grn) 451 1.6 % Jesse Johnson (Grn) 512 1.8 Continue reading


ELECTION DESK:Nader wins California, McKinney leads in Arkansas and Illinois; Greens have problems getting ballots

Victories for McKinney, Nader in four Green primaries on Super Tuesday

Results from the four states where Green Parties participated in the February 5 Super Tuesday primaries show a landslide for Continue reading

Green candidates compete in the February 5 Super Tuesday primaries in four states: Arkansas, California, Illinois, and Massachusetts

Green Party voters across the US are awaiting the results of the Super Tuesday primary elections in Arkansas, California, Illinois, Continue reading

Green Party Fields Numerous Reports Of Voting Irregularities In Chicago, Elsewhere

Voters who hoped to participate in the Illinois' first ever statewide Green Party primary are receiving a very rude reception Continue reading


There is a tight intertwining of the phenomenon of the soldier with that of war. Currently, those who oppose the war have been accused of not supporting the troops, with an emphasis on the human life of these soldiers. However, as those who understand the lack of necessity of the Iraq war in particular and all war in general, there is a recognition that those who use the human life of the soldier in their pro-war argument do not see or refuse to see that war in itself is the closest threat to the lives of soldiers. The following can be considered as a polemic in order to break apart this close connection that obscures the real value of life and the destructive nature of war. It emphasizes that the main difference that is between the identity of the human and that of the soldier is the military structure. What follows will hopefully illuminate that the inherent threat to democracy that lies with militarism allows the tipping point where a beloved fellow human can turn into an instrument of destruction, a part of the mass of the military, and yet one can still see the human in the structuring of brutality through an argument for peace. Continue reading

Green presidential candidates gather in Washington, DC for a forum on Saturday, February 2 at Busboys & Poets

Candidates for the Green Party's nomination will participate in a public forum in Washington, DC on Saturday, February 2.Candidates Jesse Continue reading

Will Buying Stuff Help the Economy?

President Bush and the Democratic-controlled House approved a deal last week that will provide $150 billion in tax rebates as an economic stimulus, essentially saying a recession can be avoided if people go out and buy something. Is that a good idea? In a recent Internet video The Story of Stuff, Annie Leonard examines the cycle of buying through extraction, production, distribution, consumption, and disposal, and the negative effects on people and the environment. The results?— environmental degradation and substandard work and living conditions in producing countries— 4 billion pounds of toxic materials released by US factories each year— 4½ lbs of garbage a day per person produced in the US— only 1% of goods purchased are used 6 months after purchase Leonard recommends a sustainable and equitable solution, using green chemistry, zero waste, closed-loop production, renewable energy, local living economies and democratic decision making to counteract the negative effects of consumption. So if encouraging people to go out and buy more stuff isn’t the right step to avoid a recession, what is? The Green Party platform promotes “community-based economics” that “value diversity and decentralization.” What would the Green Party do to fix the economy? I welcome your comments below . . .

Greens: Tactical retreat by pro-Democrat fake antiwar lobbies is setting back the peace movement

Green Party leaders called on Americans who oppose the Iraq War to rebuff an agreement among pro-Democratic 'antiwar' lobbies to Continue reading

Jared Ball Ends Campaign in Support of Cynthia McKinney :

[From Jared Ball for President]Jared Ball Ends Campaign in Support of Cynthia McKinneyAt the closing of the recent Continue reading

New web page at features video of Green presidential candidates and debates

The Green Party has posted a new page featuring video links of Green presidential candidates, including debates and forums.