Obama’s Not So Much Mandate?

Well run political campaigns are often like well crafted movies. The best ones have exceptional script writers, who dutifully supply the actors with the words the talented thespians wouldn’t otherwise mouth. The much praised “race” speech Obama gave on Tuesday, 03/18, was evidence of the presence of masterful spinmeisters, that are diligently working behind his stage’s curtain, providing soothing phrases not always consistent with his actions. Obama has been displaying a pattern of ideological unreliability, and a quickness to discard inconvenient friends… a profile in cowardice.

Obama waffles on Iraq; want’s to redeploy better to Afghanistan, and perhaps Pakistan too; and he has the same goal as Bush for Iran, although he did Kerry-like assert he’d better execute it than Bush. He won’t support single-payer, though he says he would be for it, if we were starting from scratch, ignoring the most palpable fact that this country’s medical system (like so much else) is so terribly rotten, that it should be discarded, and we should be starting over from scratch. His natural response was to pander to discriminatory Christian xenophobes, when it was rumored he was a Muslim. Before he, in a prepared speech yesterday, no more disowned his pastor, Obama initially reflexively and disgustedly disassociated himself from that same pastor, disposed of him that is, when the righteous Reverend Wright from his pulpit delivered some most elemental and obvious truths. And when Obama’s foreign policy advisor, Samantha Power, spoke candidly to reporters, accurately characterizing Hillary Clinton to be the “monster” which she is, and also honestly conceded that, if Obama were to become President of the United States, that he, Obama, would weigh facts then not in evidence to him now, and would not necessarily exactly do in office what he only insinuates he would when seeking it… she was forced to resign.

Obama has displayed a pattern of evasiveness, capitulation, equivocation, and a facile willingness to sacrifice others loyal to him, to achieve his own personal success. Should he be swept into office in 2008, riding a tsunami wave of false hope, like say New York State’s Democrat Eliot Spitzer was in 2006, then what would Obama’s mandate be?

Well, that’s becoming quite clear. Obama would have a mandate to buckle under to any pressure, from even the most malevolently ignorant; a mandate to appease the corporate owned Congressional regressives that occupy both sides of the aisles of that bicameral beast; a mandate to betray those who’ve placed their trust in him. That would be Obama’s mandate… the hyper-deflated true value of the worthless political capital gained by investing in nothing more than a silver tongue.

Near anyone Obama discards and throws under his bus could make a more courageously progressive president than he.