Duncan Gives Spitzer Failing Grade On 25 Green Party Challenges For His First Year In Office, Saying He Failed To "Work Well With Others"

Alison Duncan, the Green Party of New York State's 2006 candidate for Lieutenant Governor, gave Governor Eliot Spitzer a failing Continue reading

Greens announce Presidential Debate Jan. 13 in San Francisco; Racially diverse ballot includes ex-congressperson, consumer icon, professor, engineer

The first, and only, live debate between candidates on the Green Party's California ballot for President of the United States Continue reading

A 'Green' Year in Review: Green Party of California marks 2007 electoral gains, separates from 'major' parties by positions solidly against war, for impeachment, workers & planet

The Green Party of California - noting its 2007 record cements its position as the state's solid anti-war, pro-healthcare and Continue reading

A Green State of Mind

The Green Party of New York State introduces the blog A Green State of Mind. A Green State of Continue reading


Much can be said about the American dream, especially in its relationship to the growth and prosperity of the middle class. The various benefits of the American dream appear to be characteristics of life within the middle class. This includes such things as the owning of one’s own home, paid vacation time, the ability to provide a college education for one’s children, and a secure health coverage and retirement. The strengthening of the middle class also has another side to these benefits, such as a bland generic culture and a disassociation from issues of social and economic justice for marginalized people. However, an underlying theme can be ascertained in the relationship between the middle class and the American dream that is not connected to the negative aspects of bourgeois life. Under all the benefits is a common trait of the ability to step outside of the economic structure and achieve a certain level of autonomy regardless of the exploitation or manipulation of global capitalism. In other words, the American dream can be independent from a strict middle class definition by being a general independence from various systems of power. Continue reading

Buying Green & Eco-Junk

In his essay Eco-Junk George Monbiot writes about the current fad to embrace everything “green” without addressing the problem of overconsumption: “The middle classes rebrand their lives, congratulate themselves on going green, and carry on buying and flying as much as ever before. It is easy to picture a situation in which the whole world religiously buys green products, and its carbon emissions continue to soar.” The constant desire for new possessions is a persistent feature in our society. In the cartoon movie “Spirited Away,” a character named “No Face” engorges himself with everything and everyone but never seems happy. Advertising is geared toward making us feel that something is missing and a product will fulfill it. By promoting “green” consumption, advertisers assure a continuing market for goods and services. One of the key values of the Green Party is “Future Focus and Sustainability.” How can this be achieved in a culture where buying “green” means depleting resources, generating emissions, and creating waste? I welcome your comments below . . .

Candidate Videos

These are videos of the candidates for the Green Party 2008 presidential nomination. (click the button next to the bottom Continue reading

Greens support public housing residents facing New Orleans Council demolition, condemn police brutality against protesters

Green Party leaders strongly condemned the actions of New Orleans police against protesters who opposed the New Orleans City Council's Continue reading

In the spirit of the season: Amnesty should be given to military who refused to fight the 'unjust' war in Iraq, urges Green Party of California

Military personnel who have refused to fight in an "unjust" war in Iraq should be given an immediate grant of Continue reading

DC Statehood Greens mourn, remember Hilda Mason (1916-2007)

The DC Statehood Green Party noted the passing of Hilda Howland Minnis Mason at the age of 91 on Sunday Continue reading

Green Party Of Pa Demands Investigation Of General Assembly

Last night, the Green Party of Pennsylvania's Steering Committee voted to demand an investigation of the Democratic and Republican Party's Continue reading

Seven Candidates For The 2008 Green Nomination Will Be On State Ballots For The Primaries

The Green Party will have up to seven candidates for the party's presidential nomination on state ballots for the primary Continue reading

Cynthia McKinney Announces Presidential Campaign

Cynthia McKinney, a former six-term Congresswoman and an outspoken opponent of the war in Iraq, today officially launched her campaign Continue reading

Greens Urge Public Support For Nader And Romanelli Lawsuits Alleging Legal Abuse Of Elections By Democrats

Green Party leaders urged national attention and support for legal efforts by Ralph Nader and Carl Romanelli to ensure fair Continue reading


The Green Party of the United States Presidential Campaign Support Committee has approved a list of Green Party Continue reading

Green Party Shows Paul Robeson Film

On February 6. 2008 beginning at 7pm, in honor of Black History Continue reading

Green Party Campaign School

Saturday, January 19, 2008, 10am-8pmAuditorium Center, 875 E. Main St, Rochester, NY Featuring:Brent McMillan, National Political Director for the Green Party Continue reading


In the aftermath of September 11th, one can see a great amount of restriction as well as uncertainty in the United States and the world in general. Citizens are subjected to a lack of freedom while at the same time they do not know what will occur in terms of their own safety or fate, in a way lost in the expanse of chaos. This paradox of both restriction and uncertainty is made possible by the phenomenon of the event. The attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on September 11th can be seen as the epitome of the event in that it was an incident that was also a disruption of the normal flow of history and society. Once any event occurs, everything that was considered part of the everyday is pushed to the foreground of consciousness. No assumptions can be made, things are no longer predictable, and the structures that shape relationships of power, meaning, and production no longer work. The shock of the event leaves a void that demands reactions that are formed afterwards. Continue reading

PA State court wants explanation of Romanelli legal fee

[From The Citizens Voice ]State court wants court explanation of ruling requiring legal fee paymentBY DENISE ALLABAUGHSTAFF WRITERThe Continue reading

Dave Lussier News

After recanvassing, Dave Lussier - Green Party candidate for Albany County Legislature - fell short of winning by 11 votes Continue reading

Syracuse Post-Standard Endorses Hawkins for Common Council

[From: Syracuse Post-Standard]Common CouncilAt large: Hawkins; Ryan or JoyTuesday, October 30, 2007Five candidates are running for two councilor-at-large seats. Continue reading

Green Candidates in Ulster and Steuben Counties

Joe Duffy is running as a write-in candidate for Hornell Common Council for the 10th ward.Joseph Duffy, 65 Scott St., Continue reading

Eric Jones for Niagara District Council

IT'S TIME FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT BUFFALO...It's time for city government that puts Continue reading

Green Party of NY at Syracuse March & Rally

Speaking for the Green Party was Rebecca Rotzler, former Deputy Mayor of Continue reading

Syracuse March and Rally Quilts

From: Betty Wood, Green Party of CortlandClick thumbnail for larger photo. Continue reading