Choosing a Green Party Presidential Candidate in NY

The Green Party in NY isn't entitled to hold a Board of Elections run primary. However, folks enrolled in the Green Party in NY will have a voice in choosing a Green presidential candidate and the NY delegates to the GP-US presidential convention this summer.

The Green Party of New York is mailing a ballot to Greens in NY. Those enrolled in the Green Party who live outside of NY City and Suffolk County, will be receiving a ballot soon. (The local NYC Green Parties will be contacting the Greens in their area directly, and Suffolk County Greens have already received their ballots.)

This ballot will give Greens the opportunity to indicate their preference for the Green candidate for president in 2008.

Green may also wish to become a delegate to the GP-US convention being held this July in Chicago. These delegates will be chosen by the GPNY regions. If you are an enrolled Green and want more information, you can contact either your Executive Committee regional representative, or other party officers.