Serpe puts Green Party in the spotlight

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Student Activism Needs Revival During Recession, Speaker Says

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Green Party urges widespread antiwar protests on the day President Obama accepts his Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo

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On The Obama Peace Prize - Reverend Billy

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Greens to join mid-October protests against US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

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Rev. Billy Talen and the anarchists

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How Property Tax Has Shaped Our Local Economy (and look at the shape we’re in)

By Susan Donderewicz: This is our third annual public meeting on the economy. If ever there was a subject that lent itself to varied and often inconsistent viewpoints, it is the economy. Tonight, we’ll focus on the policy of collecting taxes based on property. It has occurred to me as I planned for this program that most people, the sane ones, would rather have knee surgery than sit through a meeting about tax policy. So thank you so much for being here. I’m going to try to make this as listener-friendly as possible. We’ll look at some different taxes and see what kind of footprint each leaves. Continue reading

Rosa Clemente in Rochester, October 3rd

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The Green Party responds to Obama's speech: Mr. President, make health care a right for all Americans

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It's Not About Van Jones. It's About Barack Obama.

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In the election of 2008 Barack Obama became a commodity sold to voters as an agent of change, regardless of his status quo platform, that spoke volumes about the mediation of human desire into instruments of control. It can not be denied that on the election night of 2008 there literally was dancing in the streets. This phenomenon illuminated the fact that the past eight years was in many ways a time of immense darkness. In possibly no other time in the history of the United States was the country so close to an actual dictatorship as it was during the George W. Bush administration. There were concrete cases of a centralization of power within the executive branch, and especially within the office of the president and vice president. The Patriot Act, sanctioning of torture, increased internal surveillance, and the detaining of suspects without filing of charges all eroded the protections found in the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. These decisions all did lasting damage to the idea of the United States as a representative democracy. Unfortunately, this centralization of power was the culmination of other actions taken by previous presidents during times of war. Lincoln suspended habeas corpus during the Civil War, Wilson enacted the Alien and Sedition Act with the Palmer Raids during WWI, Roosevelt interned Japanese-Americans during WWII, and Nixon used COINTELPRO and an enemies list during the war in Vietnam. All of these men were gravely wrong, but what distinguished the Bush administration was the creation of an artificial state of emergency after Sept. 11th, 2001 that lead to a fabricated war for hegemony in the Middle East. Therefore, there were reasons to celebrate the election of a new president, one who was considered a real agent of change. Continue reading


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Open Letter of Protest Calling Upon United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) to Become an Anti-War Organization

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ACLU Challenges Unconstitutional Arkansas Ballot Access Rule In Federal Court

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Billy Talen, Running to be Mayor of the City of New York

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Record number of Green candidates run in 2009 elections

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The following is my presentation at the 2009 Green Fest. We are gathered together, both here and within the Green Party overall, because we want to engage in the great political work of the day. It is a day that is truly benighted where peace, civil liberties, communities, and our own environment is threatened by a comprehensive system of power. If we are to fight this power then there is the necessity to understand its operation, how it functions and consolidates its influence to such a degree that at first blush it seems impossible to oppose it. This is where theory comes in as a supplement to political action. I will give some examples of what theory can do to enrich our work, and illustrate that theory is not only an embellishment or flavoring to action, but a vital binding agent that makes our actions sensible. Continue reading

Howie Hawkins Submits Over Double Signatures Needed

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Video from NY Green Fest

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The following is part three of a series that explores various current economic aspects in a way that illustrates the possibility for new alternatives rather than mapping out detailed new plans. The cooperative is the epitome of economic democracy, as well as the direct alternative to the corporation. The corporate model has existed for so long, since the creation of the British East India Company in 1600, that it has firmly entrenched itself into the unconscious of humans living within capitalism. Corporations have subsumed attempts to fight it throughout history and has incorporated a false language of freedom without any structural background behind it. The cooperative, in contrast, may at first appear utopian or idealistic. But the cooperative, as the expression of economic democracy, is a working assemblage of a principle that empowers humans much more than being mediated by undemocratic corporations and a commodified culture. To understand the importance of a particular cooperative in a community, it is vital to understand the relationship of economic democracy to the idea of democracy in general. Continue reading

A Night With Reverend Billy

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Video of the Green Party - US Annual Meeting

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Green Party Forum on Single-Payer Health Care Funding Friday in Durham, NC

The Green Party will present a public forum on the need for a Single-Payer Continue reading

Heritage of Pride Parade

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