Greens: President Obama must press Israel to end East Jerusalem settlements

WASHINGTON, DC -- President Obama must put pressure on Israel immediately to stop the construction of settlements and displacement of Continue reading

The Democrats, The Republicans, And The Tea Party

By Tom Siracuse: The Republican Party is appealing to the prejudices of the white working class by supporting the “Tea Party”. They have encouraged these prejudices over many years but when they get into office, they temper their ultra right rhetoric and resemble the Democratic Party. It is not because the Republican Party is ignorant, crazy or particularly racist. Fostering racism and xenophobia enables the Republican Party to confuse the American people and especially the white working class and that prevents them from focusing in on what is really happening–saving the capitalist elite by reducing its taxes, restoring its profits by cheapening the cost of labor through high unemployment, denying climate change by maintaining the super profitable oil and coal industries, militarizing the economy through expanding the arms industry and keeping the banks deregulated so that they can continue to engage in ultra profitable speculation. Continue reading


The inherent flaw of the bailout was that it did not address the structural flaws of the economy, which could be addressed by a non-corporate and community-based economic democracy. The economic crisis that occurred in September of 2008 initiated a mode of public policy that bridged two presidential administrations and two political parties. Commonly referred to as the bailout of the financial system, it gave government support to large corporations in an attempt to avoid a depression as great as the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Though enacted before the transition from the Bush administration to the Obama administration, president Obama has fully supported this approach in his first year in office. Even though it was argued that these large financial institutions were “too big to fail”, the use of taxpayer money to save large corporations illustrated a long-term economic trend in public policy to favor corporations in general in the U.S. economy. It can be argued that an emphasis on local ownership, and expanded ownership as well, may be a far better alternative to sustain a stable economy. The 2008 bailout can be critiqued as a symptom of a larger economic problem. Continue reading

Greens in 'US Out of Afghanistan and Iraq Now' March

March 20 is the 7th anniversary of the US invasion of IraqWASHINGTON, DC -- Green Party candidates, leaders, and other Continue reading

GP-TV LIVE with Rochester Green Mayor candidate Alex White

Sunday March 6, 2011 8PM Eastern, 5PM Pacific LIVE Green Party Rochester Mayoral Candidate Alex White is running Continue reading

Ralph Nader Was Right About Barack Obama

[From Truthdig]By Chris Hedges, Mar 1, 2010We owe Ralph Nader and Cynthia Continue reading

NY Gov. Paterson won't run for a full term

Update: Gov. Paterson did announce Fri afternoon that he will not see election this fall.(CNN) - Embattled New York Gov. Continue reading


The Tea Party movement that emerged last year presents itself as the heart of America, and a true political alternative, but is in fact an atavistic force embedded within the American psyche. The year 2009, the first year of the Obama administration, can be seen as the year where everything changed. It was the year where the United States had the first black president, and the ending of the eight years where the nation stood closest to the precipice of an actual dictatorship in many a generation. But it was also the formation of a movement that came from a deep dissatisfaction with the status quo and that in turn reverted to a blind allegiance to the status quo. The Tea Party movement that assembled from various supporters of the Ron Paul presidential campaign quickly transformed into a political entity that labeled the new president a “socialist fascist” without an understanding of either term or any evidence to support this label. Their first target was the August town halls where any reasonable discussion of healthcare was disrupted by screeching propaganda supplied by conservative ideologues within the Republican Party and the health insurance industry. Then there was a rally during the anniversary of September 11th that sought to return the country to the day after the attacks and that was organized by Glenn Beck. This call to return to the day after the attacks implied a return to the fear and willingness to give up real political power and freedom that could have happened at that time. In other words, immediately after the attacks, George W. Bush could have declared martial law and suspended all elections, and the majority of the American people would have accepted it out of fear for their physical safety. The Tea Party and followers of Glenn Beck refused to acknowledge this fact in their rallies, all the while stating that they were “losing the country” while Obama was president. This complaint reveals much about how these individuals view themselves as the rightful owners of this nation, at the explicit expense of others who are marginalized both politically and economically. Continue reading

Green Candidate, Midge Potts, Says She Will Walk for US Senate

Tuesday was the first day for Missouri political hopefuls to register to run for office in the August primary election. Continue reading

Congressional candidate turns down money to avoid gas drilling

Long time Green Party member Hank Bardel is running for congress Continue reading

Cynthia McKinney Munich Peace Rally speech Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney speaks at Munich Germany Peace Rally during her visit to receive the 'Peace Continue reading

McKinney To Receive Munich American Peace Committee Peace Prize

"Clearly, the MAPC gave more thought Continue reading


The recent Supreme Court decision on the Citizens United case has granted freedom of speech to corporate entities, and there Continue reading


The recent Supreme Court decision on the Citizens United case has granted freedom of speech to corporate entities, and there is a need to illustrate how the unequal distribution of money results in the unequal right to free speech using the lens of a past Supreme Court case. Any attempt to enact campaign finance reform in the United States must meet the obstacle of a Supreme Court decision on a case called Buckley versus Valeo in 1976. The case concerned the brother of conservative commentator and elder William Buckley. The brother, James Buckley, was a sitting U.S. Senator from New York and gigantic monetary contributions to campaigns were considered as a type of bribery due to campaign finance reform that was passed in 1974. The campaign finance law set limits to monetary contributions to campaigns. However, the Supreme Court did not agree, retaining some contribution limits in the law and officially stating that giving money to a campaign was an act of political speech and therefore was protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution. Since then, attempts to ban soft money and PAC contributions in campaigns have been hobbled by the argument that it is through these donations that individuals express their support and political beliefs. This connection of speech and money has been used to subsequently normalize the idea that large business interests and corporations also have the right to contribute money as free speech. Continue reading

GPNYS State Committee Meeting

[caption id="attachment_6654" align="alignleft" width="179" caption="Matthew Wootton"][/caption]The State Committee of the GPNYS met Saturday, Continue reading

Greens: Obama, in his State of the Union speech, must reverse his failed policies on health, war, climate change, fiscal responsibility, jobs

Obama, in his State of the Union speech, must reverse his failed policies on health, war, climate change, fiscal responsibility, Continue reading

NY Green Party Calls Legislative Ethics Reform Inadequate

The Green Party of New York State stated today that it opposed the ethics reform deal announced earlier this week Continue reading

Green Party Response to the NY State of the State

The Green Party of New York State calls Gov. Paterson’s response to New York State’s ongoing economic and political crisis Continue reading

Haiti, How You can Help

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières has treated thousands of patients in Haiti, and set up an inflatable hospital. Continue reading

January 25th Rally in Albany to Protect our Environment from Natural Gas Drilling

Green from across the state will be participating in a RALLY in West Capitol Park in Albany, Monday, January 25th Continue reading

Green Party of PA notes pro-drilling stance of Shale panel

Green Party of PA notes pro-drilling stance of Shale panel: Asks League Continue reading


A process toward democracy is also a process toward sustainability, and the two approaches support each other through an emphasis on immanent structures. Democracy and sustainability have been two important elements within various leftist movements for at least the past twenty years. They have been addressed separately involving very vital issues of the environment and empowerment of the people, but there is also a deep connection between the two that may not be obvious at first. Some have argued that true sustainability is possible only through a unilateral top-down type of public management, but the goals that can be achieved through sustainability are most compatible with a democratic society. It is important to describe the characteristics of democracy and sustainability in order to see how they can converge and complement each other in such a way as to realize justice and the survival of ecosystems in tandem. Continue reading

Green Party of New York Decries Senate Health Care Sellout

The Green Party of New York State decries the “historic” deal Continue reading