Green Party Candidate Hawkins Arrested During Health Care Protest

Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins was arrested Wednesday afternoon during a peaceful protest in Syracuse, NY. About a dozen people gathered outside of the Wellpoint/Excellus offices to protest some of the company's practices.

Syracuse Police say Hawkins was arrested for a trespassing violation. They say he stood in the doorway of the building blocking customer and employee traffic.

Police repeatedly asked Hawkins to move, but he told officers he had come to the protest with the intention of getting arrested and even asked them to do so.

"It shouldn't be a for-profit industry, it should be a public service. It should a right and not a commodity you have to buy or you die," said Hawkins.

The protestors say Wellpoint is denying prescription drugs to Medicare beneficiaries and rewards employees for canceling coverage of sick patients.

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