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Law requires we ask for your employer and occupation. If you don't have an employer or are retired, put N/A, and if you are self-employed put "self-employed" in employer and describe your occupation.
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To comply with Federal law, we must use our best efforts to obtain, maintain, and submit the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 per calendar year. GPNYS does not accept contributions from for-profit businesses (including sole proprietorships and partnerships) or from corporate sponsored PACs. GPNYS will accept contributions from the PACs of democratic people’s organizations, including labor unions, cooperatives and peace, environmental and community organizations.
Contributions are not tax deductible.

Supporting Members

Suggested Supporting Members Dues Scale

Students, Seniors, Fixed Income: $30/year ($2.50/month)
Incomes under $25k: $36/year ($3/month)
Incomes between $25k-$40k: $75/year ($6.25/month)
Incomes between $40k-$60: $156/year ($13/month)
Incomes of $60k-$85k: $240/year ($20/month)
Incomes of $85k-$110k: $300/year ($25/month)
Incomes over $110k: $360/year ($30/month)

Who Can Be a Supporting Member?

NY State voters who are registered as "Green Party" with the Board of Elections are eligible, after affirming GPNY principles and setting a dues level using a budget-friendly sliding scale. You choose your own dues level on an honor system, based on what you can pay.

If you are age 13-17, or older but otherwise legally ineligible to register to vote in NY State, you may become a Supporting Member even though you are not registered Green. This way, NY State residents can still count toward representation in Green Party decisions even though our electoral system has disenfranchised them. Waivers for dues are available for economic hardship (contact Treasurer for info) for those legally ineligible to register to vote.

Who's donating

Florindo Troncelliti
Mike Yochim
Alan Gotlieb
Rachel Treichler
Josh Feintuch
Ahmed Albassam
Peter Lavenia
Gloria Mattera
Bruce Frishkoff
Piotr Sroka
Catherine Norton
Peter Joannidis
Amanda Quinn
John Dennie
John Dennie
Christine Niskanen
Richard Masters
Mark Borino
Richard Marra
Anna Krusinski
Charles Hall

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    Just made a donation to Green Party of New York State
  • Piotr Sroka
    @631Piotr tweeted link to this page. 2017-08-23 23:20:24 -0400
    Just made a donation to Green Party of New York State https://gpnys.nationbuilder.com/supporting_members?recruiter_id=2299
  • Piotr Sroka
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  • Piotr Sroka
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    Just made a donation to Green Party of New York State
  • Mark Borino
    @MarkBorino tweeted link to this page. 2017-08-17 17:12:23 -0400
    Just made a donation to Green Party of New York State https://gpnys.nationbuilder.com/supporting_members?recruiter_id=4180
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  • Mark Borino
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