Malachy McCourt TV Spot

Malachy has taped a TV spot! Spread it around!

Send this URL to everyone who should see it! (YouTube Flash version):

Windows Media Video - Broadband

Direct Link to WMV file

Third Planet Video wrote, produced, and edited this spot for TV with help from Ron Kuriloff, Maria Kuriloff, Michele Danels, and, of course MALACHY.

The spot will likely air within the next couple of weeks.

For around $5000, this spot can air STATEWIDE on CNN or The Daily Show or The Colbert Report, for example. In many parts of the state it can cost between $100-$200 to air it in a region. The more money, the more the campaign can air it, and spots on related issues.,

For the first time in the GPNYS history of statewide campaigns we'll be able to run TV Ads . . . with your help. Please donate!