Ithaca College Greens on May Day

While May 1st is insignificant to many Americans, the approaching date reminded the Ithaca College Greens  that many key

employees on campus are vastly under-appreciated by the student body. Earlier this week in an effort to show their appreciation, the IC Greens wrote 200 personal thank you cards that will be distributed today to Facilities employees within the Grounds, Maintenance, and Housekeeping Departments on May Day. The IC Greens recognize that this is a very small act to thank the employees whose tireless hard work is crucial and benefits everyone on campus. They hope to involve more students and reach more employees in International Workers' Day next year.

Joshua Steele Kelly, a freshman at Ithaca College, founded the college’s first ever Green Party student organization, the IC Greens, in August 2013 with the intention of bringing greater political awareness, diversity, and participation to campus. The IC Greens have hosted a number of great events this year and were very proud to host Howie Hawkins at the college on April 30. Concluding a great speech and intriguing questions, the IC Greens were happy to show their support for the Green Party candidate for NY Governor in his campaign.

The IC Greens encourage the formation of more Green Party college chapters throughout the state and country. Contact them at [email protected] for support, suggestions, and potential collaboration. Follow the “IC Greens” on Facebook to keep up with their upcoming events and projects.