In 2009 You Can Make A Difference!

Are your local elected officials out of touch with what your community needs? Are you a Green Party activist in your community? Can you envision a sustainable, just New York?

Then 2009 is the year for you to run for office.

This year, across New York State, there are numerous local races for various elected positions . These positions, embedded in our
communities, can have the greatest impact on its residents. It is in these communities that much positive work can be done to benefit and empower people. Whether it is urban areas such as New York City or rural areas in Upstate or Western New York, local elections can be a great opportunity for the Green Party Of New York State to enact the change that many people are looking for.

Our party, which is based on grassroots democracy, is unique in that we advocate for ordinary citizens run for public office. This is the
crux of democracy as well as the best way for the Green Party to grow. Green Party candidates bring new ideas and important issues to the forefront, and in many cases may be the only challenge to an unopposed incumbent. That is why we call on registered Greens to come forth and give voters the chance for something better in their lives.

The Green Party of New York State's Campaign Committee provides candidates with valuable resources to build their campaign.
Literature development, budgeting, petition training are just a few of the ways the committee can assist candidates.

With the help of the Green Party of New York State's Campaign Committee, now is the time for action. All those considering or
interested in running for local office and making a difference should contact the Co-chairs of the Green Party of NYS Campaign Committee:

Michael Emperor 347 403-0892

Gloria Mattera 718 369-2998

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