Green Party NY Presidential Nominating Convention, May 19, Troy

Join other New York State Greens at the Oakwood Community Center, 313 10th St., Troy, NY  (map) on May 19th, 9AM-6:30PM, for NY's 2012 Green Party Presidential State Nominating Convention! This is your chance to vote for your preferred presidential candidate to represent the Green Party in 2012, in addition to voting for New York State delegates to the Green Party National Convention in Baltimore, MD this coming July.

Voting in this nominating convention is open to NY State registered Greens who would have been eligible to vote in a state-run primary. Use the  NY State voter lookup service if you are unsure of your current registration.

If you are unable to attend the May 19th Convention in Troy, NY then you may print, notarize and mail in a ballot to vote your presidential preference (PDF). Please follow all directions carefully! Only notarized ballots from registered NY State Greens will be counted. Ballots must be received at the Secretary's address by May 18th, 2012 in order to be counted at the State Convention.

Please note the mail-in ballot applies to presidential preference only. In order to vote for NY State delegates to the GP National Convention you must attend the May 19th meeting.

Email [email protected] if you have any questions, or if you are interested in running for one of NY State's delegate positions to the national convention. All NY State registered Greens are eligible.

So far, presidential candidates Roseanne Barr and Jill Stein are scheduled to address the convention live over Skype. We're also happy to feature a panel including Stanley Aronowitz on the future of the Green Party NY State, followed by a special guest performance.

The time and agenda for the day will be announced shortly!