Green Party calls for a National Climate Action Plan

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The Green Party of NY is doing coordinated local climate actions on Sunday, Sept. 30 just before the first presidential debate. We invite Greens everywhere to participate.

The Democrats and Republicans are AWOL on climate change -- worse, both corporate parties now promote Sarah Palin's Drill, Baby, Drill, "all-of-thea-above" energy policy.

Both corporate parties have caved into the Big COG (Coal, Oil, Gas) business model to destroy the planet by burning $27 trillion worth of proven fossil fuel reserves, which means releasing five times the carbon budget climate scientists figure would keep us below a 2 degree Celsius (3.6 degree Fahrenheit) rise in global temperatures, beyond which the odds of runaway global warming and climate catastrophe become highly probable.

Time is running out. A study by the UK's Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research concluded last year that to meet the 2C goal, we need "a massive crash program that will likely involve, for the rich, industrialized countries of the world, peaking emissions in 2015 and declining them 10 percent year-on-year after that," i.e. zero net carbon by 2025. ("‘Brutal logic’ and climate communications,"; "Beyond ‘dangerous’ climate change," The Royal Society.)

The Green Party of NY has drafted a [download format="1" id="17"],  [download format="1" id="16"], [download format="1" id="18"], and a [download format="1" id="19"] document you can use for local releases, news conferences, and media events.

The D's and R's plan to destroy the planet. The Greens have a plan to save it. Please join us in telling the voters.
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