Good Turnout in Brooklyn's 35th City Council District

By Adrienne Craig-Williams, Treasurer for Jabari 2017

Brooklyn, NY — A convivial Green primary was held in Brooklyn's 35th City Council District. Scott Hutchins and Jabari Brisport campaigned for the Green Party line throughout the late summer. 

There was good turnout on election day (35 Greens voted!) and after Jabari Brisport won, Scott Hutchins threw his support behind Jabari, saying:

Jabari is the only candidate who offers a true alternative to Cumbo's corporate approach to development. By proposing that ownership of disputed public property – such as the Bedford-Union Armory – be transferred into community land trusts run by local stakeholders, Jabari provides a real solution to a city threatened by runaway gentrification. I support his candidacy wholeheartedly.

Brooklyn is looking forward to challenging the incumbent Democrat in November!