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Today we're proud of our Green candidates, their campaign teams, the solutions they fought for and the races they ran.

Jabari Brisport ran an inspiring campaign for City Council in Brooklyn, receiving 29% of the vote and demonstrating a Red-Green Alliance for Greens and socialists around the US!

In Glens Falls, Robin Barkenhagen received 35% of the vote for Councilor-At-Large, riding a swell of community support that we know will only grow with him in the fights ahead.

In Syracuse, first-time candidates Eric Graf and Serena Seals broke into double-digits, representing movements for socialism and Black Lives Matter.

We have never had so many local candidates receive such a large share of the vote before.

Looking forward to 2018, it shows have far we've come, and how far we still need to go to build a grassroots democracy in New York.

The reality is, in many parts of our state, we are not the Third Party. We are The Second Party, outperforming Republicans or taking on otherwise unopposed candidates. Greens present the most viable way at the ballot box to oppose stifling neoliberalism from Democrats or Republican right-wing oppression.

We are a candle in the dark, guiding communities out of the trap laid by the corporate, duopoly-parties. We ask you to join us and fan that flame into a Green Revolution!

Gloria Mattera and Peter LaVenia,
GPNY Co-Chairs

P.s. While our candidates take a well-earned rest, we must immediately begin preparation for the 2018 race for governor that will determine the fate of our ballot line, which allows us to run competitive local candidates like we saw this year. Please donate to GPNY today or become a Dues-Paying Supporting Member!