Socialism, the Democrats and Bernie Sanders: Debating the 2016 Elections

The Democratic primary campaign of Bernie Sanders has ignited a new enthusiasm among many who are fed up with the status-quo of politics in the United States. Tens of thousands have joined rallies to hear Sanders decry the billionaire class and call for an end to inequality. Many on the Left have embraced the campaign. Others have argued against support for Sanders, calling instead for Leftist to organize independently of the Democratic Party.

Friday, December 11 @ 7:00PM
Verso Books Loft, 20 Jay St - suite 1010, Brooklyn, NY
A/C to High St or F to York St

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Join a panel with members from Democratic Socialists of America, Green Party, Jacobin Magazine and the International Socialist Organization in a panel discussion on the Sanders campaign and socialist strategy during elections. Speakers will represent both support and opposition to supporting the Sanders primary campaign.


Dustin Guastella
Coordinator and organizer for the Democratic Socialists of America's We Need Bernie campaign and leader in DSA's Philadelphia Local

Danny Katch
Member of the International Socialist Organization and author of Socialism...Seriously: a Brief Guide to Human Liberation

Gloria Mattera 
Co-chair of the NY State Green Party, ran for Brooklyn Borough President in 2005, ran for New York Lieutenant Governor in 2010

Bhaskar Sunkara
Editor of Jacobin Magazine