Petition Coordinator Needed

IMPORTANT: Interested candidates are requested to email their professional and political resumes with 2 to 3 references, no later than April 4, 2024. A final hiring decision will be made April 10, 2024.

DESCRIPTION: The Green Party Of New York requires a Petition Coordinator to manage the 2024 Presidential petition drive in New York State. The Coordinator will oversee all petitioning efforts to get our Presidential candidate on the ballot. A target of at least 60,000 signatures, with a minimum of 750 signatures identified in half the congressional districts, needs to be met. This position has a start date of no later than April 12, 2024. April 16, 2024 is the first day for signing nominating petitions. May 21 - 28 are the dates for filing independent nominating petitions in Albany, NY. The Petition Coordinator is expected to be in Albany compiling the petitions no later than May 26, 2024.

Petition Coordinator needed for 2024 Presidential candidate statewide petition drive in New York State.

Organization: Green Party Of New York

Job Type: Administrative / Managerial / Non-Profit
Location: New York State
Base Pay: $6,000
Employee Type: Temporary Flex-Time
Industry: Political

This position does not offer a remote work option although supervision of paid petitioners around the state will often be virtual. New York State based applicants preferred. Others are welcome to apply but there is no allowance for relocation available.
Responsibilities include (but are not limited to) the following:
- Set statewide petitioning goals based on past studies and contact those with experience on past statewide petition drives. An overall target of 60,000 signatures, with a minimum of 750 signatures identified in half the congressional districts, needs to be met. April 16, 2024, is the first day for signing nominating petitions. May 21 - 28, 2024, are the dates for filing independent nominating petitions.
- Organize petition training sessions across the state (can be virtual) prior to start and/or early in the petitioning process.
- Recruit, interview, hire and supervise paid petitioners through GPNY
- Coordinate and schedule volunteers to assure daily goals for acquiring signatures are met.
- Coordinate with volunteer regional petition coordinators.
- Coordinate with Presidential and multi-county campaigns (if any).
- Assist local campaigns that are multi-county in creating and collecting slate petitions, if applicable.
- Network with local Green Party organizations, identify volunteer local coordinators, and organize local petitioning structures where the above do not exist.
- Create contact database of statewide petitioning volunteers after the petition drive or work with a designated database person to pass on information.
- Perform outreach for additional volunteers where needed.
- Set up and manage petitioning training for volunteers where needed. Regions may do their own volunteer training.
- Provide internal daily reports to key personnel for review. Key personnel can include the GPNY Executive Committee or any committee designated to oversee the petition process.
- Perform verification of petition signatures for Board Of Election compliance.
- Compile and file petition volumes in Albany, beginning no later than May 26, 2024.
- Assist in overcoming challenges to petitions.
- Provide post-filing written report with suggestions for improvement.

QUALIFICATIONS: Experience in a similar position required, with knowledge of New York State Board Of Election guidelines very helpful. Candidates must have demonstrated people and leadership skills through coaching, presentation, and team building. Will need to handle a fast paced work environment, and meet crucial deadlines in a timely manner. Knowledge of Green Party history, goals, and objectives in the United States is a plus. Microsoft Access, Excel, and Word skills required. Fluency with online organizing a plus.


4/10 through 5/13 - 30 hours week
5/14 through 5/28 - 40 hours per week
Salary $6000

If assistance is needed with post petition challenges, it will be paid separately at a commensurate rate.

Send resumes to Secretary (at)