Metroland Newspaper Endorses Howie Hawkins for Governor


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Howie Hawkins for New York State Governor

Carl Paladino represents what is perhaps most loathsome in politics these days—a rich, Albany insider trying to capitalize on fear, racism and bigotry to gain control of the government that already greatly benefits his business.

This should be an easy endorsement for Andrew Cuomo, but sadly, it is not. Cuomo has avoided the press like the plague, danced away from issues during the one debate he agreed to participate in, run a campaign far to the right of the Democratic base he represents, and basically ignored minorities. We fear Cuomo has more sympathy for the corporations and real-estate interests that have funded his campaign than he does for the working-class New Yorker. We are also concerned about how his office has selectively pursued corruption cases against members of his own party.

Yes, we could endorse Cuomo based on the horror we feel when we imagine Paladino in charge of the state, but let’s be honest: Paladino has already dug his own grave with his hate speech, bizarre behavior and lack of real policy. Some might tell you that if you want to send Cuomo a message that you do not agree with his “austerity budget,” which will slash services to the needy and hurt the environment, you should vote Cuomo on the Working Families Party Line. But Cuomo won’t get that message. He had the WFP on its knees fighting for survival, and the party signed off on his pledge, approving his austerity budget.

This should be a vote based on hope, not on fear, and that is why Metroland endorses Howie Hawkins for governor of New York. Hawkins has the kind of progressive ideas that Andrew Cuomo needs to hear about. Hawkins’ plan to reinstate the stock-transfer tax and use it to create a Works Progress Administration-like entity that would offer jobs to unemployed New Yorkers might seem like a pie-in-the-sky dream, but that is because progressives have let conservatives vilify them without pushing back. Hawkins has the kind of policy initiatives that progressives have been scared to mention for years. It is time to stand up and tell Democrats and Republicans that we have had enough of their ties to corporate interests, that we are sick with scandal fatigue and policy agendas that shift to meet the needs of lobbyists and campaign donors. If you want to send Cuomo a message that he is too far to the right, vote for Howie Hawkins.

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