Krulick is First Green to Win Municipal Office Re-Election in NYS

(Ellenville, NY) -- Steve Krulick, New York State's third Green to win municipal office (Ellenville Village Trustee, March 2004), was the first Green to win RE-election to municipal office in New York by winning one of two 2-year Ellenville Village Board seats on March 15th from a field of four candidates, including one Democrat and two Republicans.

Krulick received just over 60% approval of those who turned out to vote, about the same as his polling last year in a two-person race to win a 1-year term in a special election to fill a vacancy.

As there is no Green Party ballot line in NYS now, Krulick received cross-endorsement from the local Democratic Party as well as running on an independent "Clean Sweep" line. Krulick included his Green Party affiliation on official campaign literature and in media articles, including his serving as Ulster County Green Party Secretary, State Committeeperson, and serving on the state's Executive Committee.

"My adamance on this has become so accepted," says Krulick, "that even Democrat stalwarts have stopped trying to get me to change parties! I am honored to have received enough of their confidence to earn a cross-endorsement for local office four times now, but I will not give up my commitment to the Green Party, its values, and its positions. Indeed, I try to apply Green principles to my public service as well as to the issues I continue to bring up and champion."

"Fortunately, running in a race of this size (there are approx. 2200 voters in the village) is relatively cheap, no more than a few hundred dollars. Most of the work involves going door-to-door to leave literature and say hello, and the whole village can be covered in two to three weeks. This should encourage other Greens to find a local race of comparable size and go for it! You may start with a race that otherwise would have no opposition, or even, as I did, get cross-endorsement from a traditional party, particularly if they are having a hard time finding candidates, and IF you can do this without having to compromise your Green principles."

"My goals include proving that Greens can serve capably in public office, which should make future runs easier for other Green candidates; working to regain ballot-line status in NYS will then make it easier still for more Greens to run, so this is a priority for 2006," said Krulick. (website

Ulster County leads the way for Green officeholders in New York, as Mayor Jason West and Trustee Rebecca Rotzler preceded Krulick when they were elected in 2003 in the neighboring village of New Paltz.