Impeach Bush!

Impeach Bush! Write Congress Today!

In a representative democracy, the rule of law establishes the necessary premise that no one is above the law, the land, and the people. However, today we suffer under an administration which sees itself above the rule of law. The Bush administration has continuously lied to and manipulated the American people with illegal surveillance, mass detentions without judicial review, torture and signing statements that carve out exceptions to legislation. Today it is time for you to take action and tell the Bush administration we will no longer allow their abuse of power to go unnoticed. 

Congress through various committees is in the process of conducting oversight investigations. Such oversight investigations have subpoena power and so this is the first step for Congress to move to a full blown impeachment. Your Congressperson needs to hear from you on this issue. Please send the sample letter or you can modify it in your own words. 

We need your help in telling the Bush Administration that no one is above the rule of law. Help protect the rule of law in our country!

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Impeach Bush!
Send a letter to the editor to your local paper and add your voice to the growing number of people defending the U.S. Constitution by supporting impeachment.

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