Single Payer Health Care Now!

Greens have long fought for universal, single payer health care, and New York is closer than ever to achieving it thanks to organizing work from the Campaign for NY Health and their dedicated coalition. Meanwhile, at the federal level, we are looking at a bad-to-worse situation with the replacement of the affordable care action by this Republican regime.

For these reasons, we are redoubling our efforts through a statewide issue campaign that Greens can participate in no matter where they are! Working with these resources, we can make health care as a human right a reality while building community power!

Calculate the Healthcare Savings For Your Community!

Using these materials, you can calculate how much the NY Health Act will save your district, town, city or county.

Healthcare Savings Instructions (.doc)

Healthcare Savings Worksheet (.xlsx)

Incorporate your numbers into your NY Health Act canvassing or campaign for office!

Outreach Materials

NY Health Campaign Survey (OnlineGoogle Doc and PDF): A powerful tool for engaging in people in conversations that invite them share their healthcare experiences.

Petition for Single Payer: To use for tabling and canvassing. Please mail completed petitions to the address on the PDF or email scans to [email protected]

Petition as a 4-Up Postcard/Flyer (PDF)

Petition for Business Owners, Self-Employed and Freelancers PDF

This page will be updated as the campaign develops, with more tips and tools and upcoming events! Email [email protected] with any questions