Greens to Run Candidate for Mayor

Rochester, NY -- In response to the Rochester City Council’s voting in private and ignoring citizens’ desire for democracy,

the Green Party of Monroe County announces that it will run a candidate against the person appointed by the elites of the Democratic party for Mayor of Rochester.

Green Party members were in attendance at Monday’s City Council meeting and were stunned to hear Council President, Lovely Warren announce that a vote was taken in private earlier that day, and that they chose to have a special election to replace outgoing Mayor Bob Duffy.  The announcement was not on the docket posted outside the council chambers and was made with few members of the media in attendance.

The city council has made an unfair choice to covertly bypass the democratic process.  The Green Party is ready to offer Rochester an alternative to a party elite chosen candidate.  Rochester voters may be denied a primary, but the Green Party will offer them a choice,” said new Party Co-Chair Vinessa Buckland.

Added Co-Chair Scott Brant, "The City council has officially decided to ignore public input and run a candidate selected by the outgoing administration. The Green Party of Monroe County will not stand idly by and allow another unchallenged election in the City of Rochester. We believe in fair elections not closed door selections."

The Green Party officially gained its ballot status back on Monday.  Elections were held Monday evening to choose a new County Committee.  This committee, as the City Charter requires, will put up a candidate to run in the election that will be announced by the City Council.

“We will have a viable, qualified candidate and then it will be up to the citizens of Rochester to put an end to this nonsense by voting Green,” said Dave Atias, current Green Secretary.  “Sadly, Lovely Warren, Joe Morelle, David Gantt and the rest of the political machine aren’t even embarrassed about this. They think this is OK.”

Information will be forthcoming about the Green Party’s process for naming a candidate.  Details will be posted at


Scott Brant, Co-chair (585) 698-6928

Dave Atias, Treasurer (585) 315-7687