Greens Call for IRV, Proportional Representation Voting for NYC

The Green Party NY candidates Howie Hawkins for Governor and Gloria Mattera for Lt. Governor urged the NYC

Charter Commission to include preferential voting - also known as Instant Runoff Voting - for all single member elections.

The Greens also urged the Charter Commission to adopt proportional representation for City Council elections. Proposal representation, the election system used by almost all of the world's democracies, allocates seats in legislative bodies based on the percentage of votes that each party represents. The Greens said proportional representation would be far more democratic than Bloomberg's push for non-partisan elections. While the Greens would benefit from non-partisan elections, since the Greens win about a third of the non-partisan elections they enter nationwide, they also said that in NYC it would greatly benefit rich, self-financed candidates like Bloomberg. The three current Green Party Mayors in New York were elected in nonpartisan village elections.

"Despite what we are taught in school, our present system of winner-take-all (plurality) elections actually makes the US once of the least democratic democracies in the world," said Gloria Mattera, a Park Slope resident who is the Green Party candidate for Lt. Governor.

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