Green Party Radio Show Debuts

Green Party Radio Show Debuts April 4th, 9 p.m. on

by John David Baldwin

We are thrilled to announce that local members of the Green Party have recorded the very first of a series of semi-monthly programs to be broadcast on Internet radio! The program deals with public issues from a Green perspective. It attempts to give listeners hope for a better (and Greener) world by disseminating Green ideas and values.

The show will be transmitted on an Internet station that has just started broadcasting, called The station was started by a songwriter named Leigh Crizoe and his wife, a raw foods enthusiast some of you already know as Rhio. Leigh and Rhio required programming to fill their schedule; the Greens needed a new medium through which to transmit our message. In addition, Leigh is sympathetic to Green ideals and goals, so the arrangement was a perfect fit. (The idea was first broached by local Green Ivana Edwards.)

The first program of the series (which has been given the temporary title "Green Dawn," subject to a later vote on a permanent title) has a nuclear theme. Ivana interviewed her guest, Mark Jacobs, on the environmental dangers of the Indian Point nuclear power plant and the movement to shut it down. I interviewed my two guests, John Burroughs and Professor Hamid Dabashi, on the Iran nuclear "crisis" and the hypocrisy of the US government's stance (because the US is a serial violator of the Non-Proliferation Treaty). In addition, we recorded a segment of Green Party News throughout the country and the world, recorded by Daniel Starling. Ron Kuriloff served as host for the entire program.

The first broadcast of the hour-long program is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, April 4th at 9 p.m. It will repeat on Thursday, April 6th at 8 a.m. and on Saturday, April 8th at 11 a.m.

You can receive's programming by going to the website ( and clicking the button on the homepage that says "Listen Live." This will open a window that will request you to download the Live 365 software. Click on the button to download. The Live 365 player will open and play the streaming mp3 file. You can listen to the program on that player, or, if you prefer to listen on another player, you can click the Setup button and select either Windows Media Player or another player to play the file, as well as your preferred connection speed.

Internet radio is a new frontier of radio because it can be heard literally all over the world. (Leigh says that he has had hits from as far away as Egypt.) I think you will agree that this is an exciting development for New York's Greens.

Stay tuned!