Green Party Officeholders Initiate Positive Changes

Ross Mirkarimi, Green Party member of the Board of Supervisors, has sponsored legislation that is improving his community. Recently San Francisco voted to ban plastic bags at large chain food stores and pharmacies. The ban, which was sponsored by Mirkarimi, will help prevent bags from killing marine life and taking up landfill space. Mirkarimi and another supervisor have introduced legislation to make the energy supply for city residents 51 percent renewable by 2017. Mirkarimi has also proposed expanding a formula retail restriction law passed by his predecessor, Green Party Supervisor Matt Gonzalez. Under the law, chain stores seeking to locate in San Francisco are required to undergo a public hearing and meet certain conditions for a permit. A new study found that San Francisco has benefited from local businesses (see below). All the more reason to vote GREEN!

San Francisco's Economy Reaps Big Benefits from Independent Merchants, Study Finds